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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mini SaSa Haul!

Hey dudes! LOOOOONG time no see? A LOT has been happening since the last time I posted which was over a year ago! I'm sorry (T^T ) I have finally decided to document or "blog" if you will, the things that I have collected slowly or FOTD's/FOTN's that I may have done over the past months. It's not necessarily "for real" blogging, but it's something and I hope it encourages me to do more. I would love to take better pictures and all that, but my funds do not really permit me that privilege. I want to invest in a better camera and maybe some lighting gear before I start posting seriously. ^___^ That way, readers will actually enjoy what I post! I hope everyone has been doing well these last few months! I'm excited that fall is here and the colder weather has settled in nicely here in the Pacific North West. I love autumn and winter for the fun cozy and layered clothes! Fall fashion is beautiful! But Summer is still my favorite season! I love warm weather and fun bright and sunny days! What's your favorite season?  Click below for the mini haul after the flip!

 Anywho, onto the mini haul! I was running low on some daily staples of mine and decided to make a SaSa purchase! I always get my favorite eyeliner and mascara at SaSa because I feel that they offer the best price for a girl with a tight budget!  

This is my favorite mascara of all time.  I have not been able to find anything else with the amazing lengthening results that this gives!  I highly recommend it!  I especially love using this with an electronic eyelash curler.  You can find it here.

My favorite liquid liner EVER!  It doesn't smudge, it hardly flakes on me at all and I love the intensity of the color.  The tip also is my favorite part of the eyeliner because it's perfect for creating the perfect wing.  You can find this here.

These strawberry hair curlers I believe, were pretty popular on Youtube and the blogging community.  You can find tons of Youtube tutorials for this item!  I saw this for sale on Pretty and Cute, but I decided to buy these at SaSa when I found out they carried them because they were MUCH more affordable for me personally.  I have not tried them out yet, but I plan to do so tonight and see what the results are in the morning before work!  Wish me luck!  *fingers crossed!* (^.^ )b  You can find the ones that I purchased here.

I believe that the same curlers you can find on Pretty and Cute are made by Etude House and it comes with red and light pink strawberries.  There is also only 4 per pack at $6.99 a package.  Don't get me wrong I love Pretty and Cute (I buy most of my Asian cosmetics there!) but I bought the same product by Belle Madame from SaSa for $2.50 for 6 per pack.  I bought two packages for a total of 12 rollers!  I'm so excited and stoked to try these out.  Will definitely post pictures and a mini review!  If you're interested in the Etude house curlers offered by Pretty and Cute, you can find them here.

I have had other baby-mini hauls over the last few months of new products I've been trying out and I'll be posting a favorites list with mini reviews on that soon!  Thanks for your time and I hope to see you next time!


  1. awesome! glad you include links: i love link-chasing :) can't wait to see how your curls turn out! i'm planning to curl my hair today, a la Bubz Beauty tutorial w/ flat iron; i should include that in my post tomorrow XD

    1. You totally should! :P And I tried and failed with the curls this morning. There are different techniques that you can do, but the one I tried last night was a fluke. I'll post about that later lol. When I finally have a successful trial, I'll be sure to include all steps.


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