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Friday, October 26, 2012

Strawberry sponge hair curler attempt #1!

  Hey dudes!  Decided to put the Strawberry sponge hair curlers to the test last night.  As you may know, there are a lot of techniques for using these sponges.  You can use them on wet hair, you can use it on damp hair for 1 hour (per some websites), you can also use them on damp hair and sleep with them in over night, or you can put them in your hair while it's still damp and blow dry for about 15-20 minutes on low heat.

  I decided to try sleeping with them in my hair over night for uber curly results!  (Obviously, the longer you leave them in, the more dramatic the curls!)  I started by washing my hair first, I then let my hair become about 40% damp.  Silly me, I should have just put them in when my hair was wet.  However, don't give up here just yet, keep reading after the flip!

  Onward!  With hair slightly damp, I attempted to put the sponges in my hair.     The little diagram on the back of the bag (which I could not read because it's in Japanese) looked simple enough.  Have wet or damp hair, put curlers in and leave on for extended period of time.  Easy as pie right?  Wrong!  Either I am a complete noobsicle, or these sponges are really not that easy to work with! lol.  Just keep in mind, this was my first attempt ever with using these types of curlers.  For reference, I have about shoulder length hair and my hair can get dry or really oily depending.  I personally think that I have fairly fine hair, but I have had one or two hair dressers tell me I have thick hair.. (lolwut?)  I also have to wash my hair everyday if I don't want to turn into a grease ball.  (Yah yah, I know I'm not supposed to do that but, it's what works for me -___-; )  

  So after fussing for about what seemed like an hour, I finally got them all in my hair.  They didn't stay in very well, they sort of drooped a bit after I got them in and thought that I had them all snug.  Turns out, after checking a few sources, I found on PrettyandCute.com, the Etude House sponges suggests, twisting the strawberries after you have rolled up your hair, I did not do this!  Finally got to bed, and as others will tell you, these are quite comfortable since they are made out of a sponge material, they are super soft and squishy.  I slept on my back pretty much all night.  The next morning, I found out very quickly that you have to be very careful when removing the strawberry sponges.  After de-tangling a few of the curlers from my head, I revealed a mess of curls!  I'm sorry, I did not take any pictures because I was not happy with the result at all.  The curls were very uneven and some did not even curl.  (Especially the strands in the back of my head.)  

  Even though I did not get an end result that I was expecting, these curlers definitely do work.  They do curl your hair but I believe you will need practice, if you're like me.  Especially, judging from the curlers that I did have in correctly and that stayed near the top of my head where I put them.  These curls once the sponges were removed, were extremely curly!  You will find on other reviews or tutorials on Youtube that this is a normal result but after a few hours once the curls have fallen a bit, you will end up with a really nice natural looking curl.  (Which is what I was aiming for!)  You may also want to try different techniques and find out which one works for you.  I will have to continue my journey on finding the one that works for me!  For attempt #2, instead of sleeping with the curlers in, I think I'll put them in when my hair is still wet right after the shower and wait for my hair to air dry.  I will be sure to have another detailed post about this attempt soon.  

  Hoping that some of you have found this helpful, whether you have these sponges yourself or are interested in picking them up for yourself.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  Until next time!


  1. Aw, sorry it did not go as planned! I forgot to get pics of my curls >.> They were pretty sweet, I felt like a big doll XD

    1. Big dolly curls are always a good thing! ^___^


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