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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Falsies, strawberry curlers attempt #2 and layout

  Hi again all!  I have been on a blogging groooove, so to speak! ^__^  I decided for this post that I would test out a popular item that I have had for a long time but never really used.  False lashes!  I always loved the way some girls could wear them and the enhancing effect they have on their eyes.  I have always been quite fond of my own lashes, they're sort of wimpy Asian lashes, but they're not really short and stumpy!  (Lucky me!)  However, I really lack volume and I thought what better way to give them some "oomph" than with falsies.  Take a ninja flip and find out how I did!

  So, I have had a couple pairs of falsies for a few years and never used them really.  I got some really cheap ones from Forever21 and tried wearing them for a day and they were just too long!  They made my eyes feel heavy and I decided to just forgo lashes and stick to my natural ones, since then.  Today, I had time to lounge around, sleep in super late and just not do anything!

After quickly applying a basic makeup to my face, I decided to just keep it fairly simple on the eyes, one color and thick liner for hiding the lash band.  For my first attempt in a long time, I think it looks decent lol.

I actually found that these looked quite natural on me!  They gave me oomph but they were not too over dramatic.

These particular lashes were very comfortable and I got used to having the "heavy eyelid" feeling.  They are soft to the touch and I thought they looked very pretty and they suited my eye shape nicely.

The lashes I used are from a Korean brand called Darkness.  I can't remember which ones exactly I used but I purchased them from a local Korean market and was thrilled when I spotted Darkness lashes in their mini beauty boutique!  Will definitely try the other styles if I get the chance.  These lashes are well made, sturdy and soft and fluttery.  I also really love the length of these particular lashes on me.  They're perfect for just a little something extra to my look.

  Onto the curlers!  I decided to give my strawberry sponge curlers another go at attempt #2.  I got out of the shower, roughly toweled my hair off a bit so that it was not dripping wet.  I put a little bit of Biosilk on my ends as they have been getting dry lately.  I do not like hairspray or mousses and I just like as little product in my hair as possible.  I left the curlers in my hair for about an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes.  Here's the end result:

  I liked these results much better than my first attempt.  This is not curly or anything, but I really liked the subtle waves this gave me.  I found that before I removed the sponges, my hair was still quite wet/damp.  I decided to use the blow dryer for few minutes on low blast and low heat.  I decided to blast my hair for a few seconds on high heat, but on the low setting.  Removed the sponges from my hair and gave a quick once over with the blow dryer again on low and low heat just to dry my hair a little.  I feel that this technique when using the curlers would work best and have more of  a curl if you use a curling mousse or hairspray product. I have a mousse from Aussie that I liked so I think the next time I break out the strawberries I will try using a touch of mousse for added holding strength and more curl.  Attempt #2 was a success for me!  I love waves and this turned out decent and effortless.

Also, I made a few changes to my blog and have finally dubbed it with an appropriate name!  I finally found something that said "personal" and still gave readers the idea of what my blog may be about.  I hope to continue improving my layout to something more to my liking.  Until then, I will be using the template you see now.  Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know by commenting!

Hope you enjoyed this post and found some of the things I mentioned helpful.  I apologize this post was not nearly detailed enough for most but I'm trying!  See you soon!


  1. Those close-ups of your eyes are incredible!!! I thought you said you didn't have a good camera?! Now I want to try some falsies, too :) Your hair and makeup are just overall way too cute and classy, I love it :D

    1. Thank you! Sometimes my camera bugs out and it's hard if I don't have it in front of a mirror. I'd like an even better camera, one that has HD options and so forth. (Pics were taken in the bathroom as it has the best lighting lol) You should definitely try out falsies!! They're fun! There are pretty decent ones that are really affordable as well.


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