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Monday, November 26, 2012

Manicure Monday: China Glaze Awakening

  Hi all!  It's been a while!  This week is finals week for the semester and I have been working hard to keep up with my homework and assignments.  I finally got a chance to do a Manicure Monday for you all and am very excited about this one!  Looking for a gorgeous duo chrome color that you cannot take your eyes off of?  Look no further and follow me after the flip!

I am totally in love with this shade!  It's the perfect muted but splash of color for fall.  I feel like this color really compliments my olive-ish skin tone too.  Awakening is a muted, almost mauvey kind of pink and at times can appear to be a really vibrant fuchsia or magenta color.  In different lighting it goes from the sort of pink color to the really awesome shimmery and metallic gold/copper shade!  This is really fun to have on and is a total attention getter.

I darkened this picture up a bit to try and show case the magenta/fuchsia color.  Isn't it gorgeous!?  It's 10x's  prettier in person.  (I promise!)  I especially love the sparkle/shimmer, it's not too over-the-top but it's enough to catch the light and have a pretty shine.

Here you can really see the gold/copper tones with the undertones of the pink/mauve/magenta/fuchsia.  (Can you tell that I am an expert at describing color? XP)  The application of this polish was nice and smooth, I almost expected it to be a bit gritty because of the flecks of gold, but it was nice and smooth and not streaky at all.

I will definitely be reaching for this shade often this fall and winter.  It's glamorous and eye-catching, perfect for the holidays but not too over done.  It's a nice alternative to the typical crazy, glitzy gold or red colors you usually see for the Christmas season.  (Not knocking on them, but in case you are not the kinda girl that likes crazy sparkle or inyourfaceblindingsparkles.)  Hope the swatches and pictures were helpful if you were considering purchasing this shade from China Glaze.  I got mine at my local Sally's and I am so glad I did! ^__^ 

I recently took advantage of the awesome 30% off Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that Pretty and Cute was offering and have received my package already!  I will be posting a small haul post soon!  Until next time all, have a great week!


  1. re: describing colors
    colors can be very subjective, so i think you do a great job getting the idea across by using chromatic synonyms! :)

    1. Thanks! At least my descriptions make sense to someone! haha <3


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