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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul: Pretty and Cute, Urban Decay

  Hey all!  I'm excited to share my mini/baby haul from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that I took advantage of while online surfing!  It's not a lot but it was enough for me to take a few pictures and share with you all.  I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, my camera is not the best and with low batteries it apparently takes worse pictures. (>__< );  However!  The hubby and I invested on a high quality camcorder that also takes decent pictures, so expect better quality photos in the future.  Please take a flip and follow me to see what I got deals on!

  I decided to jump on the Urban Decay offer that was emailed in a newsletter a few days before Black Friday and they were offering a free 6-pan Build Your Own Palette (which I have had my eye on forever) if you bought 2 eye shadows.  Part of the deal was a free mini of the All Nighter Makeup Finishing Spray and a sample of their tinted moisturizers and free shipping!  I could not pass it up so I decided to pick up Rockstar and Scratch.  I'm super excited to try out the finishing spray because I have heard good things about it!  Here's a picture of all the Urban Decay products that I received! 

  I am especially excited about my Pretty and Cute haul.  I finally bit the bullet and picked up the new Dolly Wink Eyeliner in Brown "Renewed" meaning that they upgraded the packaging and added the liner in a Brown color.  Dolly Wink decided they wanted to change the packaging to make it a bit more "adult".  It is still absolutely adorable!  

I tried it out the day after I got it and I really love it!  I feel like they also improved their already precise brush tip and made it even better!!  (Is that even possible!?!)  It is definitely my favorite liquid eyeliner to date.  I promise a swatch of the color and a comparison swatch of the original Dolly Wink liquid liner in Black soon!  (With the new camera!)

I also decided to try out a new BB Cream that I have seen around Youtube for a while now.  I also read up on it and have been wanting to try something different.  I was originally intrigued by the fact that it came in 2 shades instead of just one universal shade like the Skin79 Hot Pink and VIP Gold BB creams.  (I love both!)  

The Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream came with a neat sponge.  I purchased this in #02 Aqua Natural.  (It looks dark on the website swatch, but per reviews and people on youtube/google - it's good for NC20-30's).  The sponge was actually a very nice quality, it was soft to the touch and a great size for the whole face!  I used it the day after I shot these photos, and boy am I glad I took part of the 30% off sale!  I got one heck of a deal!  I really like this BB cream!  

  It's water based and for me, it felt really light weight and super moisturizing.  I also noticed that it had this amazing tingly- almost minty kind of sensation after I first applied it.  It was super refreshing!  It has a nice light scent to it, nothing too overpowering and nothing that lingers if you don't like that sort of thing.  It did not break me out (as of yet) and it gave me the kind of coverage I like, light and airy, fresh and natural.  The best part?  I did not use any powder with this BB cream!  I did not get crazy oily and I stayed pretty matte for the 5+ hours that I had my makeup on that day.  I'm going to put it to the real test and run some errands tomorrow and take a before and after picture of the day.  

This picture was taken nearing the end of the 5+ hours I had my makeup on for that day and I think it looks pretty decent still.  I also used the new Dolly Wink liquid liner in Brown for this look.

Here's a semi-close up of my eye makeup for the day!  I kept it simple, the brown liquid liner, neutral brown colors and the shimmery highlight shade in the inner corners and on the brow bone.  I also defined my brows a bit more than usual because my eye makeup was pretty simple and I wanted to frame my face nicely! ^__^;  I also used my trusty Tokidoki Tinted Cheek Stain for the cheeks.  Lioele Blooming Gloss in Orange Sherbet and the Lioele Pop Tint in Cherry for a slight gradient effect. (Which you cannot see in the pictures! >_<)

I also picked up a nail polish that I had my eye on for a while as well.  I have heard that the Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Vivis in Mint #30 was a nice mint shade and that's one color that I do not have in my collection!  

I can't wait to try this out!  Expect this one to be in an upcoming Manicure Monday post!  I will be posting a full and proper review of my findings of the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream and I will also make sure that I do a comparison swatch of the Dolly Wink liquid liners.  Looking forward to sharing my next post with you all!  Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekend! (^.~ )


  1. Hey girl it's me! I've seen that holika holika bb cream for a while now but hesitant to buy it because of the color. I have the fairydrops right now. What color are you in MAC?

    1. <333 You know that's something I have been meaning to do is find out what color I am in MAC. According to the shade finder on their website, I am probably NC20, NC30 or NC35. I plan on going to their store just to find out what shade works best so I can better reference for my future reviews. Sorry lady! lol ^__^;

  2. that last pic is friggin' ADORABLE!!! :D


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