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Sunday, December 9, 2012

[Review]: Holika Holika: Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

  Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the Holika Holika: Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream that I picked up recently during a Black Friday sale at Pretty and Cute.  I have been wanting to try out a new BB cream for a while and decided to pick this one up because the shades that were offered, seemed less "grey" than the Skin79 BB creams that I currently have.  I was also interested in the "Aqua Jelly" part of the product.  Here's what the product description claims on Pretty and Cute: "This product contains over 70% healthy aqua.  The moisturizing jelly texture on your skin is enriched with moisture, soaking into your skin and clarifying the skin, a new moisture technology BB cream. Jelly BB makes moist and bouncy jelly skin. Jelly texture spreads evenly and is perfect for covering up facial blemishes. This is a water based range of make-up. It is able to minimize pore size."

To find out how I felt about this product, please follow me after the flip!

I decided to pick up the shade in Aqua Natural #02.  I have lighter olive toned skin with more yellow undertones and judging from swatches and reviews that I found on Youtube and other bloggers, I found that Aqua Beige #01 would maybe be a bit on the lighter side for me.  I wanted to try this particular BB cream because it claims to be moisturizing and the "jelly" texture it claims to have sounded like something that would work well for me.  Other reviews on this BB cream have claimed that the finish is a "matte/powder" type of finish.

Upon the first application of this BB cream, I found that the texture was really nice!  I love the jelly/watery texture to it and it also had a sort of "cooling" sensation to it.  It was really refreshing!  There is a scent, but it's nothing too strong or overpowering.  It has a fresh/floral-ish kind of smell, it's really light.  The scent doesn't linger at all.  After applying a light layer, I noticed how soft my skin was.  One of my favorite things about the Aqua Jelly BB cream was the finish.  It dried pretty quickly, did not look "cakey" and was nice and smooth after drying.  The finish did feel more matte and less "tacky" then the other BB creams I use. I have Skin79 in the Hot Pink and Gold VIP BB creams and I love both, but I notice that the finishes are supposed to be "dewy" but for my skin personally I feel that it can make me look too oily at times.  Aqua Jelly compared to the Hot Pink and Gold VIP is definitely not tacky or "sticky" feeling after application.  I for sure need a finishing powder or blotting powder after applying the Skin79 BB creams.

I tried the Aqua Jelly without powder for these particular pictures and I actually really liked the results.

As you can see, my overall complexion is quite nice.  It's smooth, even and has a naturally matte texture/finish to it.  So far, no need for powder.

I have a few acne scars that cannot really be covered up with just BB cream and I don't currently have a concealer at the moment so I have been making-do with just BB cream.  I found the coverage is nice and sheer/light, and I think it is due to the "water/jelly" formula of the cream.  However, I would consider this BB cream to be a light to medium coverage because you can layer on the product depending on the kind of coverage you're looking for.  Application was nice and easy and smoothed onto the skin like a dream!  As stated before, the finish is what you get in the pictures above, nice and natural.  It is not at all "dewy" like the other two BB creams that I own from Skin79.  I decided to not use powder with the Aqua Jelly to test the already "matte finish".  Here's a picture of my finished makeup before heading out for a dinner date with the hubby.

Before going out.

Note, I did not apply any powder whatsoever to finish this BB cream.  I also decided to test out the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.  The one I am wearing is in the color Romantic.  (I will be posting a review on this soon!)  The next few snapshots are what I looked like after coming home after a couple hours.  Results were amazing!  I was shiny, but not a total oil slick!

In the first two pictures, you can see that my nose is a bit shiny but it's nothing too terrible, especially after 3+ hours of running around and running errands and having dinner.  I am pretty impressed by the end result because of the fact that I almost never leave the house with makeup on and not have a finishing powder to set my BB cream.

In this picture you can see that basically most of my face stayed a nice "powdery" matte texture with no shine.  (I usually get a little shiny beneath my eyes near my nose).  The Skin79 BB creams that I use usually become more shiny than this by the end of a day even with finishing powder.  So in the future, all I need to do is just apply a light dusting of my finishing powder mainly to my nose but it wouldn't hurt for my T-Zone either, especially if I'm going out for more than 4+ hours.

Here are some swatches for you!  I did my best to try and show a difference between all of the BB creams that I use, so any suggestions on what could be more informative or helpful are welcome!

1. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly  2. Skin79 Hot Pink  3. Skin79 Gold VIP

You can tell from the first picture how much warmer/yellow toned the Aqua Jelly BB cream is on my skin compared to the other two Skin79 BB creams.  The Aqua Jelly BB cream seems to be a perfect match for my skin tone.  I apologize ladies because I currently do not have a foundation shade to reference for you.  I am planning on going to a MAC counter and finding what shade I may be since MAC shades are used universally.  (But for an estimated reference, according to the MAC shade finder on their website, I could be an NC20, NC30, NC35.  I will hopefully be finding out for sure!  Bear with me!)

In the next few pictures, I blended them out a bit to show the contrast a bit better.

As you can tell from the pictures, the Skin79 BB creams are much less yellow and have more of that "grey cast" most bloggers/Youtubers claim.  However, if you can tell from some old pictures on my blog after the creams oxidize it's totally fine.

After trying out the Aqua Jelly BB cream for the past week or two, I have totally fallen in love with it!  I love it from application to removal!  I love the texture, the finish and the coverage.  It has been the perfect thing to keep my skin decently moisturized and still feel light on my skin after a long day.  Most importantly, I have not experienced any irritation and have not been broken out by this product.

My overall rating:



Buildable light to medium.
Smooth and even.
A little goes a long way.


Setting with powder may not be necessary for some.
Cooling sensation when first applied.
Good staying power lasted 4+ hours.
Cute packaging
Shades offered seem more yellow toned.


Packaging is not travel friendly. (Bottle is glass).
Only two shades are offered.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and found it helpful if you were considering purchasing this.  I would highly recommend this BB cream to anyone who has drier skin and is looking for something lightweight, light to medium coverage or just wants to even out the skin tone a little bit.  It is definitely worth a try!  I apologize for not having a better shade reference to my skin tone, however there a few other bloggers or Youtubers that may be able to help with that if you do a search!

Again, I hope this was helpful!  Any suggestions or recommendations for improvement here on my blog is very much appreciated.  Thanks for reading and I hope to have more reviews to post soon!  I also hope to include monthly favorites posts as well!  Until next time, I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I feel a little silly because I know I keep asking, but what on earth IS BB cream?? I've figured out it's not a concealer... is it just a foundation? No idea if it's something I'd ever use or not, but it definitely sounds like a high-quality product :)

    1. "BB Cream" is also known as Blemish Balm. It's really popular in Asia and is used in place of foundations. It's the equivalent of a "tinted moisturizer" some would say. It has extra/more skin benefits than some foundations too, like wrinkle prevention, whitening benefits, overall it's supposed to look good on your skin, look most like your own skin and is good for your skin. A lot of people also prefer BB Cream because it is much lighter than foundation but can sometimes provide the same coverage, BB cream is also good for those who want something light that will still even out their skin tone. ^___^ I probably should have given an explanation on what BB cream was! Sorry!

    2. oooh, okay! don't be sorry, I just don't know much about anything XD thanks for the explanation; I get it now :)

  2. Thanks for the review! And the swatches compared to SKIN79 =D (was scared No.1 would be too light for me but it looks like it should be okay). It was very helpful! Question... what skin type are you?? dry? combination/oily?? thanks =)

    1. You're so welcome! I'm glad this review was able to help someone out! I have a combination/oily skin type. It also depends on the season too :( I have super sensitive/dry skin in the winter and very oily T-zone/combination in the spring/summer. This aqua bb cream worked like a dream. ^^ I highly recommend it, biggest plus was that it didn't break me out.

  3. hey thank you for this review was really helpful! which bb cream do you like the best out of the three??

    1. Hi, I'm glad my review was helpful!! ^__^ I actually really love all three! lol I like the Hot Pink for summer or warmer months, Gold VIP for cold and winter months, and I actually like Aqua Petit all year around, so I guess I like the Holika Holika Jelly the best! They're all really great bb creams though! Thanks again for visiting! <3

  4. Hello :3 thank you for the great review. was wondering if you could suggest me what shade to buy? #1 or #2?

    1. Hello, thanks for reading! Unfortunately, I couldn't provide you with a shade suggestion because I have no idea what your skin tone is. I'm between a MAC NC25-30 for reference and I wear shade #2 all year around if that helps any. Sorry if that's not much help! If you're fairer than me, I'd say go shade #1.


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