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Monday, December 3, 2012

Manicure Monday: Holika Holika Vivid Pop Nail Polish in #30 Mint

  Hi all!  So I took a couple snap shots of my recent manicure using the new Holika Holika polish I picked up from Pretty and Cute.  I have been wanting a really cute mint colored polish for a while now and decided to add it to my 30% off purchase from Black Friday.  You can check out the rest of my haul in my previous post.  Instead of having a plain solid color for my manicure this week, I decided to break out my old but trusty Konad plates!  I forgot all about them and feel bad for neglecting them because I remembered how much I love them!  So using the M71Konad plate and the Konad Special Polish in White, I got the following results!  (Note: I did use the new camera for these pictures, let me know if the quality is better!  I think so anyway lol.  Oh and please excuse the crooked designs, I know they are not straight, nor perfect but it's still cute so I decided not to re-do my nails.)

Konad plate M71 with Konad Special White polish.  I purchased these products a long time ago here.  I found out about these products and the website through Jen!  She's great, definitely check her out!  I really liked this polish, it's so pretty in person.  It went on smooth and non-streaky and came out nice and opaque after 2 thick coats, but I'm a 3-coat kinda girl, so I went with 3 thin coats to get this opaqueness.  I really like the color but I was a tad bit disappointed because I thought that it was going to be "mintier".  I guess it's the lighting, the pictures I took make it appear to be a nice true mint color whereas in some lighting in person, it appears to be more of a Tiffany blue color, or more of a turquoise.  It is still a beautiful color though!  This polish is a nice "minty" shade, however I would not dub it a true mint nor the "perfect" mint color in my personal opinion.  On a rating scale I would give this polish a:


Opaque in 2-3 coats.
Cute color!

Not a true mint

However, I would still recommend this color to anyone and I actually want to try out the other Holika Holika polishes as well.  We'll see.  That's it for this nail post, hope you enjoyed the new and better quality photos and my mini-review.  Thanks for reading and I will be posting my review on the Holika Holika Petit Aqua Jelly BB Cream soon!


  1. you should do a review/tutorial of the Konad plates :) I know you told me how they work before, but I didn't really get it XD

    1. ^___^ That sounds like a great idea for a future post! I'll get to thinking of how I'm going to do that so that the steps are clear and make sense, also I want to be able to provide clear pictures for each step. ^^ There are Youtube video tutorials too if you're interested!

  2. omg this is such a pretty look! I was thinking of getting a konad too. Great post :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate your input. I love my konad! It became way more fun after I got the hang of using it. I would definitely recommend it for any nail junkie. It's so much easier and faster than actually painting or drawing in lace or other designs. (This also makes it a lot easier to do it on your non-dominant hand.) ^____^


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