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Monday, January 14, 2013

Manicure Monday: China Glaze Prismatic 3D Holographic polish in Prism

  Happy Monday everyone!  ( >_>);  Today I wanted to share my first "holographic" nail polish with you!  I mentioned in my previous post (here) that I had a small haul from Cherry Culture that I wanted to share and do reviews for soon.  They were having a 20-50% mark down sale on select items, but today was the last day!  (The sale ends tonight at 11:59pm CST).  But don't worry, Cherry Culture has sales pretty frequently so be sure to sign up for their newsletter or check their website often.  Anyway, part of my Cherry Culture haul was a China Glaze Prismatic 3D Holographic polish and the one I picked up is in Prism.

It's this amazingly glitter-bomb-tastic, bling on steroids lavender-y shade and it is gorgeous!!  It is definitely going to blind and mesmerize in the sunlight!  This polish has larger silver, red and green glitter particles and lots of micro glitters as well.  It is definitely grainy in texture and the application was a little different, considering all of the glitter, it was not so smooth.  

I did two coats for the final results below:

 Pictures definitely do not do this polish any justice!  It's WAAAAY more sparkly in person!  I believe I purchased this polish for about $4.80 on Cherry Culture and I think that it was pretty nice deal.  Most of the China Glaze polishes that I purchase from my local Sally's Beauty Supply retail for around $8.

I used two coats of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top coat, because I wanted a really nice shiny finish to compliment the crazy and copious amounts of glitter!  All in all, I am very happy that I picked this pretty number up!  If you are in the market for something glitter-tastic, this is a nice choice for you.

My Rating:

Very sparkly and lots of glitter
Eye catching

Application is very grainy and can get a bit sticky/clumpy
Most likely will be very difficult to remove
Not a smooth finish. (Even after two coats of Seche Vite top coat, my nails still feel really grainy and you can feel all the sparkles. I listed this as a con as it may be for some.  I like my nails smooth, but this isn't too bad.)

I have been really into more of the glitter and sparkly polishes lately.  They are just so fun and they give you such a nice extra special "something" to your look.  It is also a nice change from a regular solid color polish. I have also really been wanting to try out more holographic polishes as well.  Layla Holographic polishes are a bit pricey for me (usually around $15), but I would like to pick some of those up because they appear to be sparkly without all the chunky glitter and the effects are amazing.  If I am lucky, Layla will be featured on Hautelook again and then I can save a boat load of money!  If you are not familiar with Hautelook, it is a really wonderful site to get amazing deals on designer items, clothes, jewelry and cosmetics as well as home decor and other things!  I have been registered with them for a few years now, and I have to say I'm glad I signed up because a majority of the high-end cosmetics products I own are because I bought them on sale from Hautelook for a steal.  Here's my invite if you would like to check out their regular events!

I'm working on my next review on the NYX Slide on Eye Liner Pencils that I also received from my recent Cherry Culture haul.  I'm really excited to share because I personally feel that they are comparable to Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencils, but for half the price, so stay tuned!  Hope everyone has a great week and I will see you soon!  Thank you again for stopping by and reading my silly opinions!  (^.~ )v


  1. Replies
    1. They really are, it's hard not to stare at my fingers when I'm typing at work lol!

  2. Replies
    1. It's even more sparkly and prettier in the sunlight!! *_____* lol

  3. Hello!

    I nominated you for 'The liebster award' :)! Read more on my blog hihi.
    Here is the link: http://fuckhighclass.blogspot.nl/2013/01/liebster-award.html

    Rui Jun

    1. Wow, thank you for the nomination!! ^__^ <333

  4. This look amazeballs gorgeous! There is something so fun and glamorous about glitter polish. I just wish it wasn't such a pain to remove but it's worth it when it's so pretty right ;)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Shabby Apple Necklace Giveaway!

    1. It really is a fun polish! In the sun the purple/lavender hue of the smaller shimmers really come out! Have you heard of the foil method of removing glitter polishes? I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I heard it does a great job. Thank you so much for reading! <3 ^___^

  5. This nail polish looks so pretty, love the glitters! You got it for such a great price! Good nail polish here in Australia costs $15+ :( I absolutely dread removing glitter polishes though, it is hell!

    1. :( ugh $15! And I thought the $9 and some change polish from Sephora was expensive lol. I hate removing glitter polishes too! One of the reasons why I haven't had a new Mani Monday post because I'm just sort of letting this one chip off >.> lol

  6. Replies
    1. It is so sparkly! If you ever find it you should try it out! ^^

  7. Lovely nail polish. I don't go for glitters too often, they're so hard to take off. x

    1. They are! I have been seeing a "foil" method that I am going to try, maybe I'll do a post on it. But apparently, it makes removing the glitter MUCH faster! Thanks for reading, I appreciate your comments! <3

  8. haven't tried sparkly nails for a while. You've inspired me to try them again.:)

    1. I only recently fell back in love with sparkly nails because of the holidays lol! I'm so glad that I could provide a good enough post to inspire you! <3 Sparkly nails is always a nice way to jazz up your look without much effort at all! And it goes with almost everything. ^__^ <3 Thank you for commenting and reading!

  9. Such a fun colour! Gotta love a bit of glitz and glam ^^ Nice choice Anna! ^^

    1. Thank you thank you! ^___^


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