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Monday, January 28, 2013

Manicure Monday: Zoya Roxy

  Hi all!  I wanted to share with you really quick, my manicure for the week; featuring a Zoya polish in the shade Roxy.  I picked up Roxy, Meadow and Gabriella (I think?) when Zoya was having that amazing New Years promotion where you could pick 3 polishes and only pay the shipping.  I had always wanted to try out Zoya and that was the perfect opportunity to do so!

  Roxy, is a really gorgeous deep purple/magenta jelly kind of color.  I have a hard time deciphering the color, but the flecks in the polish are definitely a hot magenta or hot pink!  I love this it's so pretty and compliments my skin tone nicely.  The application of this was a bit gloopy for me, but I got it to work with me and it turned out nice.  ^.^;  It sort of reminds me of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, but in the purple family!  I thought that this shade was a good winter shade, in person this polish looks "vampy", at least to me it does.

  In this last picture, you can see how purple/magenta the shade is, unfortunately my Sony Handycam does not take very good up-close or detailed zoom pictures.  I also have crappy lighting in my home and am working on figuring out a solution to that.  So what did I think about my first Zoya polish experience?


Jelly texture
3 free

Application was gloopy, but I decided to give the polish 5/5 because it wasn't something that was totally unbearable and I feel maybe it was because I was in a bit of a hurry.  So all in all, I don't have any complaints after all! ^.^;;

  I definitely like the quality of this first Zoya polish and I love their color range!  I can't wait to share the other two that I picked up in future Mani Monday posts!  Hope you all enjoyed this quick post and I apologize for the picture quality, they do not do this polish justice!  Until next time!


  1. I've never tried zoya, but the colour looks super fun!

    Steph // giveaway!! fun size beauty

    1. The color is to die for! I am so in love! This is my first Zoya experience and it was very pleasant, if you ever get the chance, you should definitely pick up one of their polishes, they have a bajillion colors!! O_o

  2. That is an amazing color ^^

    Please feel free to join my giveaway : $80 MsDressy Gift Voucher

    1. Thanks for reading Caroline! <3 If you ever get a chance, definitely pick this shade up, I think it's a must have in everyone's nail arsenal.

  3. Ui,this color is so beautiful.*_*

    1. It really is so pretty! Sometimes I stare at my hands instead of typing at work! lol XD

  4. I haven't tried a jelly formula myself but I love the finished effect it gives to the nails! This is such a pretty magenta colour and the glitters really make it pop :) I've never seen any Zoya nail polishes around before so I haven't heard of this brand before!

    1. I have never seen Zoya in a department store or drug store. I purchased the colors I picked up directly from zoya.com. I'm not sure how their shipping is internationally but they have an ENORMOUS color selection. ^__^

  5. Loving this color!! Its cute!! :)


  6. I think I have to get one myself. Besides from the sparkly color, I got curious with the jelly thing going on. :)

    The Sun Kissed Girl


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