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Monday, June 3, 2013

Manicure Monday: Neon Summer!

  Hi everyone!  I have another Monday Manicure to share with you all today!  I'm super excited for summer, and what better way to prep for sunny days and warm nights than a fun, bright, neon mani to kick off the season!


  This week's manicure star is China Glaze's Surfin' for Boys.  It's a fun neon, tangeriney/orange shade and has super subtle neon hot pink shimmer.  So in the sunlight, you get really gorgeous flashes of hot pink!  Unfortunately, my camera does not do this shade justice, it's more shimmery in person.  For my accent nail, I used Essie No Place Like Chrome as the base and then over the top I did a few coats of Zoya Gabrielle to stick with the orange/tangerine theme.  I also used my usual base and top coats as well.  OPI Nail Envy Original for the base and Seche Vite's fast drying top coat.

Base color:  China Glaze Surfin' for Boys

Accent nail base color:  Essie's No Place Like Chrome

Accent nail:  Zoya Gabrielle over the top of No Place Like Chrome

And here's the finished manicure!

  It is such a fun and bright pop of color, it makes me happy and reminds me that summer is just about here!  I think this look is also perfect for the beach or anything outdoors!  I also have Surfin' for Boys on my toes too!  Overall I loved all of the polishes I used for this manicure.  Surfin' for Boys went on like a smooth dream!  And it was perfectly opaque in 2-3 coats.  I also really enjoyed No Place Like Chrome, it's a great metallic color and will definitely be using it for other looks as well.  Zoya Gabrielle is amazingly gorgeous!  I used it for a manicure a few months ago by itself and with 2-3 coats, it's the most sparkly and gorgeous orange color ever.  If you all get the chance, be sure to pick up these colors, they're hot and perfect for summer or warmer months.

  Also, just for fun I threw in a brief FOTD below.

  This is pretty much my typical everyday makeup look, but with a little extra kick.  My everyday look is sometime just BB cream, eyeliner and mascara and some gloss or lip balm.  Sometimes if I have more time I do the look in the picture above.  For the eyes, I used the darkest brown cocoa color in my Holika Holika: Holy Deer trio eyeshadow in #2 as a wash over my eyelid, not going past my crease, blend out the harsh lines.  I then lined my eyes with Dolly Winks Liquid Liner in Dark Brown and winged it out. I also lightly hazed out the same dark cocoa color on the outer thirds of my eyes and used my Holika Holika: Pearly Eye Crayon in the Pink color on the inner corners of the eyes as highlight and extended it into the brown, as well as a highlight for my brow bone.  For my brows, I used Lioele Auto Eyebrow pencil in Gray Black.  For my face, I used Holika Holika's Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, Maybelline Lumi Highlighting concealer and Milani's Baked blush in Rose D'oro.  I topped it all off with Tart's Micro Clay finishing powder.  For the lips I used Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom, and topped it with Lioele's Blooming Gloss in Flower Pink.  Decided to just blow dry my hair today and wear it natural, instead of curling. ^__^b

  Hope you enjoyed this week's Manicure Monday and the FOTD quickie!  Hoping everyone enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend last week.  Wishing you all a great rest of your week and share with me below what your current manicure is this week!  Is it perfect for summer or the hot weather?  Is anyone going on vacation this summer?  Until next time, see ya then! ♥ (^.~ )v


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. liking the colour, very vibrant and fun !

    CMPang x

    1. Thanks for reading! <3 It's definitely a great color to have in your collection, especially for summer or vacations! ^__^

  3. I love that bright coral polish, it's perfect for summer! I think those colors are always better in the warmer days because the sun makes it ten times as brighter! :)

    1. Hi Amaris! I think so too! This shade is a million times more gorgeous in the sunlight for sure! Thanks for stopping by! <3

  4. That color is so vibrant and pretty!! It reminds me so much of summer!!
    Your makeup is done very nicely. It looks so natural yet glam at the same time! I'm jealous of your long eyelashes!!

    I think I might be going to new york this summer (late august right before school haha)


    1. Aw Thank you Mindy! <3333 I definitely take my time when doing my lashes, I curl, curl, curl! How exciting! I've never been to New York, but it sounds like an awesome summer vacation! Hopefully you'll be able to get back into the swing of things for school when you get back :/ Thanks for your comments! <333

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    let me know I'll follow back for sure
    New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)

  6. I am looking for that exact shade in a lipstick! I love your accent nail!



  7. Replies
    1. It's super awesome for the beach! Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! <3

  8. cute color :) i wish i could wear this color confidently. i feel like orange doesn't fit me well. looks nice on you!

    1. Aw thanks! It took me a while to be comfortable with bright and "in your face" colors like neons. I found that I really liked the effect, and it's a nice "pop" of color if you don't go for bright colors in your wardrobe (which I don't). So nails bright and neon are really as far as I go with bright colors haha. I also noticed, if neons don't work, pastels are a great "bright" alternative!


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