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Sunday, June 30, 2013

T^T /waves farewell to Google Reader

Hey all!  So sorry this is not the UDPP vs TFSI battle, or the Bubbi brush review I promised, still working on pictures and finding the time to use everything!  (I have not been wearing much makeup lately because it is so FRIGGIN HOT!!!!!!)  I have also been busy since I began my new set of classes.

Anyway, as  I am sure all of you are aware by now, Google Reader will be no more as of tomorrow.  So to all of my lovely Blogger friends who have kindly kept up reading my silly nonsensical posts, I thank you and hope that you will continue to stay in touch with me through Bloglovin'.  I have already done the import for all of the lovely bloggers I follow and I hope that you do the same ^___^ ♥

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Thank you again everyone!  I will be back with posts later this week with more updates and a Bubbi Brush review!  Hope you are enjoying the hot summer weather, and a Happy 4th of July week/weekend to all of you.  Stay safe!


  1. I am really sad that GFC is going.. =( I already follow you on bloglovin so that is good =)

    I cannot wait to read your post on the brushes! I was actually going to get those for my friend's birthday until I realized it took a week to ship and my friends b-day was a week away haha.


  2. hi anna :) thanks for dropping by my blog. i added you in bloglovin and i'm looking forward to your reviews :) (rip google reader)

  3. GFC still works I think , but I've got you on bloglovin ;D

    1. I think that's funny! lol I thought it was supposed to be discontinued XD Oh well. <3 Thanks for bloglovin' me <3333


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