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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Hey all, I know this is not the Bubbi Brush review I promised over a week ago, nor is it a review on the epilator I have been using and have had for over 3 months, and it is also not the post on my recent manis lately.  I'm sooooo sorrrrrryyy!!! OTL

BUT, I did come across this really fun and super funny post that Junniku posted, check her out, she's adorable and super hilarious!  She decided to be brave and share 21 things she would have told her younger self.  I thought that this was such a fun and great idea for a post, I decided to do it too.

1.  You should NOT have dyed your hair purple.  It was not "cool" and you ruined the texture of your hair forever.

2.  Your former high school boyfriend had a job too, you should NOT have paid for everything. (-____- );

3.  You should have listened to your friends about the boyfriend.

4.  You should have tried harder in school.  You were smart enough and could have accomplished so much more, but you let yourself get distracted!  *Smacks younger self upside the head - Y U DO DAT!?!?* (>_O );

5.  You should have continued with those music classes you took in elementary, you would have probably been really good at reading music now. (-______- );  Plus, they were free through school then, and now they cost you money you do not currently have. lol

6.  You should totally have tried onions, they're amazing, have no idea why you didn't like them for the longest time!!!

7.  I would have told you younger self that your only boyfriend throughout high school was not going to be a good thing long-term.  You are so naive, but remember: lesson learned.

8.  You should have been more prepared to stand your ground and say what you were thinking.  You will not like being a "doormat" to others later.

9.  You were beautiful the way you were, and you should not have let anyone tell you otherwise or make you feel as if you were not.  It will totally mess up your self-esteem and make you sad. (;  ; ) *no be sad!!!*

10.  You should have left your chicken pox alone!!!!  You will be left with stupid scars on your face that you will hate forevah!

11.  You should have not picked at your pimples or tried to pop them. (-__- ); Worst idea ever.

12.  Do not be in such a hurry to grow up, you will miss being young and with little responsibility very soon.  You had plenty of time to grow up and fall in love.

13.  Speaking of love, you do NOT, I repeat do NOT know what the heck love is yet and you should not think you know everything because you really don't.  /facepalm.

14.  Enjoy eating all that crap you stuff your face with while you can and continue exercising even after high school, you will thank me. (T____T)

15.  Do not stop drawing.  Please continue sharpening your skills, you will only get better.

16.  Video games are not weird.  Do not be so self-conscious about them.  Trust me, you won't be made fun of later, in fact people will want to play with you, or talk to you about them.

17.  You should have just told every boy you ever had a crush on that you had a crush on them and see what happened. (^.~ )b

18.  You should have been nicer to certain people.  Why were you such a brat!?!?! (>__< )o  Get rid of the chip on your shoulder.

19.  You should have shown your parents more respect.  They would have probably trusted you more, and forgiven you faster.  It will save you heartache, sadness and guilt. < / 3

20.  Don't stay up late crying, they, or that person was not worth it.  Trust me, you will find your knight in shining armor in the future, just like in fairy tales.  Oh, and your eyes and face will thank me. *no swollen puffy sad panda face*

21.  You should have drank waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more water, it's good for you and your SKIN!!! *y u no listen!?!?!* (-_________- );

22.  Remember that out of the people who have entered your life and then left, the ones that matter are the ones that will still be there later.  Trust me ♥  And they are definitely people you will be grateful for forever.

23.  Last one, don't keep waiting for things to get better, for people to come around, or for things to happen.  Get out there and make it happen.  Be proactive, don't be lazy!!

And that's it!  23 things I would tell my younger self if I could, and yes I would totally smack my younger self upside the head like my mommy used to do.  What are some things you would tell your younger self?  Remember, check out Junniku's list of things she'd tell her younger self, she's a riot!  Hopefully will get my review post up this weekend, thanks again all for being so patient! ♥


  1. aww anna i love this! there are a ton of things i should tell my younger self.. but i'm still not that old so i'll probably need to learn a few lessons before i do something like this!

    1. Thanks Steph! I'm glad you got a kick out of this! I think you could totally do it! I believe that as long as you learned a lesson, it doesn't matter how old you really are or were if you were talking to your younger self. If you do decide to do a post like this, I can't wait! <3

  2. Nice post!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. Great idea for a post! Some of the points I could really relate to and number 23 was just a massiv wakeup call haha


    1. #23 is something I struggle with on a daily basis lol. Thanks for reading, I can't take credit for the idea of the post though, I mentioned in the post, but I originally saw Junniku @ junniku.blogspot.ca post her list. <3 Thank you again for visiting. <3

  4. Hahaha so cute, especially #17. Thinking of it, I would tell my younger self the same thing as well :p


    1. Hi Bella, thanks for commenting!!! <3 Haha, I was way too shy during #17 times and was always waaaaay too self conscious. Now I look back and especially being friends with certain people telling me that I should have said something back then and could've scored a date! lol.

  5. aw i would tell my old self #20 too!! and wow you dyed your hair purple, ive always wanted to do that when i was in highschool. maybe not completely dye but a lot of purple or blue highlights. my friend actually did it because he was braver, and i didnt because i was too scared ^^

    1. #20 was definitely something difficult to come to terms with during that age. About my hair, I probably should have been more specific, I'm sorry! lol I actually got purple highlights, but I still needed to bleach large chunks of my hair to get the purple color to show up, it was kind of fun at the time, but being in highschool and no money to pay for maintenance on it was a real drag because I ended up looking horrible (blotchy bleach streaks!) yuck! I think you should feel lucky you didn't go through with dying your hair! haha

  6. love your site its so cute and same with #20!!

    Just followed ur blog :)

    1. Oh, thank you so much for following! You have a very nice blog as well! ^__^ #20 was something hard to come to terms with so, I would totally say the same to anyone else. lol Keep in touch <3


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