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Sunday, October 6, 2013

[Review]: Benefit Rockateur blush

Hi everyone!  I'm so sorry I have been away for quite sometime!  Took a break from nail polish so I apologize for the lack of Manicure Mondays lately.  I wanted to give my nails a breather, and let them settle down from all of the polish I use so frequently, I like to rock bare nails for a week or two just to keep the health of them decent. ^__^b  I have also been busy with the usual; life, school and work. -___-; *Being an adult ftw!* (not...) >_>;

So anywho, I picked up Benefit's Rockateur blush from Sephora about a month or so ago, and have NOT been able to put it down!  It's been my go-to blush since I bought it!  I really love the natural and glowy flush it gives me, and besides, who doesn't like rose gold?  I've been a little bit obsessed...

[image from Benefit's website.]

Find out what I thought about Rockateur after the flip!

As you can see from the picture Benefit has on their website, this is a very pretty blush, the logo and design on top of the blush is definitely gorgeous and had a slight layer of a pretty shimmer/glitter, which quickly disappeared after the first swipe.  That first swipe was also not a "disco ball" swipe and I wasn't at all sparkly/glittery in a bad way.  This blush is a really gorgeous, warm rose gold, sort of peachy coral shade and I think it would look great on all skin tones. On Benefit's website for this item, there's a picture of three different models, one with lighter skin, medium skin and darker skin and you can see the blush on each model just fine!

Here's what's on Benefit's website about Rockateur,

"Pick up the beat with a rush of heat! This rockin’ rose gold cheek powder gives a famously provocative flush that turns heads on-stage and off. The crowd will go wild for its sexy faceted design, accented in luxe gold. For an encore, the custom angled, dimensional brush gives rich, show-stopping payoff every time."  

I almost didn't want to use the blush because I loved the design/logo so much on top, it's so pretty! T^T

You can tell how much I've used of it because the design is not as prominent as it was before.

The texture of this blush is SO nice.  It's almost hard for me to describe because it's a combination of awesome things.  It's kind of buttery, but velvety at the same time.  I don't know how to describe it, but whatever it is, it's awesome. ^o^  It's also decently pigmented.  A few swirls around with the brush that came with the blush and I have a nice flush on my cheeks. (Whoa!  Say that three times fast! Haha! XD)  Although, I apologize because the next few pics of the swatch is a bit washed out T^T  I took pictures in natural lighting indoors, in front of the window, but the lighting kind of took away the "warmth" of the blush.

I don't have a pic of me wearing it, because the lighting washed me out quite a bit and you can't even tell I'm wearing blush in the picture. ;___;

So, onto what I think.  Like many other Benefit fans, I was a bit put off by the price and weight of the product.  Rockateur is 5.0 g Net wt. 0.17 oz. and all of Benefits other Box o' Powders are 8.0 g Net wt. 0.28 oz.  And all of Benefits' Box o' Powders are the same price, retailing at $28 USD.  Before Benefit addressed this little difference, many people didn't understand why the price of Rockateur would be the same as the other Boxes o' Powders because Rockateur was a significantly less amount of product.  Here's what Benefit put on their website to kind of address this concern:

Note: Rockateur has a specialized formula that works by combining the best features of baked, powder, cream and fluid textures to give a brighter, purer color pay off creating 1.6 times the amount of pure color payoff.  This results in the usage rate of Rockatuer to be an exact match to our other Box o’ Powders."

So basically they justify the amount of product and the price because of the superior quality of the product.  Makes sense right? >__>;  I suppose in that context, you end up using Rockateur the same amount of times you would with the other Benefit Box o' Powders for the same price, even though there is "less product".  In other words, Benefit is charging the same for Rockateur because the 5.0 g of the blush is equivalent to the 8.0 g of the other blushers or bronzers.

Aside from this, I still really love this product and it looks great!  It imparts a nice glow, and "rose gold" flush.  I can definitely see the golden sheen it can impart in the sun and under certain lighting.  It's a really nice "candle lit" glow and makes my skin look really radiant and healthy.  It can also impart a really gorgeous luminosity about your face as well!  Great for a dewy finish to the skin.  Easily one of the prettiest finishes for a blush I've ever seen.  This is definitely worth the money and I'm happy that I purchased it.  It lasts all day on me and does not wear off or fade during the day.  At the end of the night before I take my makeup off, I still have flushed cheeks as if I had just put it on.  This says a lot about the lasting power this blush has.  It's a really nice blush if you want something to warm up your complexion and it's texture is lovely and very easy to blend.  

If you are worried about this blush being too glittery or sparkly, it definitely is NOT.  I do not like sparkly or glittery face products and steer clear of them, as I have really oily areas on my face and do not like looking like a disco ball.  I'll be sure to feature this blush in a future FOTD for sure so you can see (if the lighting or sun cooperates -____-;).  Rest assured, this is no NARS Orgasm or cheap glitter blush.

This blush also has a slight scent, as do the rest of Benefit's Box o' Powders.  It's a nice, light, almost sweet scent.  It's a bit floral, but nothing too heavy or overwhelming.  I catch a whiff of it after application briefly, but it doesn't really last after the application, so if you don't like scented products I'd suggest smelling this first before you buy it just to be safe, but it's nothing too heavy to worry about.  My husband has really bad allergies, and he hasn't mentioned anything about the scent so I assume it dissipates nicely.

Onto the brush!  Rockateur comes with a "custom angled" brush, specifically made to use with Rockateur.  I want to say it has natural bristles but I'm not positive and I wasn't able to locate info on the brushes that come with Benefit Boxes o' Powder on their website, and didn't have any luck Googling it.  I thought I saw somewhere that the brushes may even be a mixture of natural and synthetic.  Anyway, since I purchased Rockateur, I have not used any other brush with the powder as the brush it comes with works just fine, and I don't find a need to dirty another brush.  It works great with the blush itself; it picks up a good amount of product with a swipe or two and I get great color payoff each time.  The brush is not the "most amazing" brush ever, but it works great for it's purpose.  It's a bit on the scratchy side, but nothing I can't deal with.  (It doesn't irritate my skin, so that should tell you that it's not SO scratchy that the brush is useless.)  It's soft, but not teddy bear soft compared to my Bubbi Brushes (you can find my review for these here.) or my Everyday Minerals brushes.  (Both brush brands are synthetic). 

So what would I rate this?

Long lasting - Great staying power, no need for touch ups or reapplication.
Soft, buttery texture - easy to apply and blend
Gives rosy glow, golden sheen or luminous glow - "Rose gold" powder.
Makes cheeks radiant and healthy
Warms up complexion
Comes with it's own "custom angled" brush (Pro because it's convenient and gets the job done).
Travel friendly - Has a mirror and a brush included. (I took this with me on a trip to Cali and it held up just fine.)
Can even be used as a bronzer! (I saw xteeener do this in her video!)
Great for most skin tones in my opinion.
Decently pigmented, but not so much that you have to worry about using this with a heavy hand.

Has a slight scent - This can be a con for some, but it did not personally bother me at all. (Or my allergy ridden hubby).  It's a bit sweet and maybe a touch floral.
Less product for the same price tag as it's sister powders.  (This may be a con for some, but I got over that because it's a nice product and you can see what Benefit wrote to address this issue above).
Custom angled brush is not the best or greatest quality (but as I stated previously, it gets the job done.  Plus if you don't like it you can use a different brush! ^__^b)


I took a point off because of the quality of the brush and the whole weight/amount of product for price deal.  Those are really the only cons about this blush, but if you are looking for a unique rose gold color, golden finish, luminous, radiant and healthy glow or sheen for your cheeks, this is definitely worth a look.

Would I repurchase?
Totally!  I love this color so much and it seems appropriate for all seasons and most makeup looks because you can lay it on or have a light touch of it and it will look amazing!

Would I recommend this?
Yes!  It's a great shade for most skin tones and it really warms up a dull or sallow complexion. ^__^b  It's also worth a try if you like dewy or glowy makeup looks, but I believe this would be subtle enough to use on the cheeks if you were doing a smokey eye or more dramatic look.

Hope you all enjoyed the review and I hope it was helpful for any of you interested in picking it up!  I should be back again soon with another review, I have been using a Holika Holika product for acne and wanted to share my thoughts.

Have you tried Benefit Rockateur?  What do you think of it, or if you haven't, do you think you'll pick it up?  What's your favorite blush at the moment?  Let me know in the comments, I love discovering new products!

Until next time, hope you all had a great weekend! (^.~ )v


  1. Good lordie, thanks for such a detailed review, Anna! *u*

    I am a huuuge fan of this shade since reading this post haha, I'm in need of a new blush anyways. I'm currently using a mini-size of Benefit's Posietint, but eh... it's not absolutely absolutely amazing. I've never really had a "favourite, HG" blush, boo! Maybe this one will be my next HG? C:

    The price for Rockateur is indeed steeper than other Benefit boxes, considering the size... but I never go through a whole pan/box anyways. xD You make the product sound absolutely heavenly, I really want to try this now! T-T Probably going to sneak out to Sephora when I have between classes haha... there's a Sephora right beside campus so yay! :D <3

    1. Oh man, I'd be in trouble if there was a Sephora closer to me lol. The size of the product doesn't actually bother me, because I think the quality makes up for it. I really like this blush, it's suuuuper pretty! *___* If you don't buy it, at least swatch it at Sephora, seriously I fell head over heels for this after I took one look at it up close! And yes, it's pretty spendy, but I think it'll last me a good amount of time, considering I don't do my makeup everyday. >.>; I've never hit pan on anything either! I'm glad you found my review detailed, it's kind of what I was aiming for haha! ^__^ Thanks again June, you always leave me such sweet comments and feedback. I truly appreciate your input and that you actually read my posts! :3 ♥

    2. Bwahh, no problemo Anna! :D Thank you for being awesome on my bloggie as well hahah~ I'm using my Posietint again right now as blush and if I keep thinking about it, I want the Rockateur more and more. xD Will get it for sure now LOL~ :D

    3. Seriously if you get it, I want to know what you think! I have just absolutely been loving it. XD <3

  2. I wanna try this! I have Coralista from Benefit and it's one of my all time favorite blushers! I was scared because when I first saw your product picture I was like "holy shimmer!" but the swatches turned out nice and they shimmers do indeed look very finely milled and nice on the skin as opposed to NARS Orgasm ^^

    Thanks so much for the post Anna!

    1. You're welcome!! Glad to see you back by the way, enjoyed your last post! ^__^ No worries with Rockateur, this is definitely NO glitter bomb. It's shimmery, but it's not even sparkly. It's more of a "sheen". It promotes this dewy sort of luminosity about the cheeks. Definitely not glittery or sparkly. It's super subtle and I think that's one of the reasons I like this blush so much. I swatched NARS Orgasm once upon a time ago and did not like it because it was just too much glitter for me, so rest assured Rockateur is far from Orgasm. ^__^ Glad you enjoyed the post! ♥

  3. Thanks for the review Anna, you always review in such detail hehe^-^

    I never buy these Benefit blushes because of the price, but they always look so pretty~ if I ever get a job or a rich boyfriend I'll definitely get my hands on one lol:P I like that it's not too glittery as well because sparkly products always look ridiculous on me haha, especially for everyday makeup (._.) I guess if christmas is coming I could put it on my list (even though it's already too long lol) x

    1. Hi Emily! I'm glad you found it detailed, that is what I was going for! I like to make sure I address every possible thing regarding a product, because when I shop for things I read reviews and look up swatches like a mad woman before making any purchase. I was lucky enough to see this in the store and swatch it all over my arms and fell in love! ♥ This is the only Benefit blusher I own and I'm very happy with it! Though I agree, the price tag is awful steep, but it's a nice blush to have. I hope you get it for Christmas! ^__^

  4. Ooo, this is such a pretty color! I recently starting getting into blush, and I like the idea of the rosy pink look. I can't quite pull it off though, haha. I end up looking like I'm getting an allergic reaction x)

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

    1. I think this would look great on many different skin tones. It's rosy, but not so much that it looks unnatural. That's one of my other favorite things about Rockateur is that it's so natural and gives you the healthiest flush. I think the golden sheen in the powder offsets any weird ruddiness the "rosy" in the powder could give off. It's definitely worth a try if you ever get the chance! ^__^ Thanks again for reading! ♥

  5. This blush sounds like a real winner! The color is amazingly pretty and the packaging is adorable! I don't really have a blush in this shade and you're seriously tempting me Anna! Thanks for the review and welcome back :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I couldn't be happier with how I spent this $28 haha! I love the packaging and the product itself is quite unique and very pretty to look at, and it's very pretty on the cheeks! I highly recommend it, if you ever get a chance to snatch it up or at least swatch it on your finger. The texture is so heavenly! haha. Thank you so much for welcoming me back, I felt like I was on quite the hiatus! o__o; Glad you enjoyed the review, as always Rowena thank you so much for your feedback and for reading! ♥

  6. I loooooooooooooooooooove Benefit blushes! My current favorite is Thrrrob, but maybe I'll try out Rockateur when this one runs out. :)

    - Kate (kateastrophe-everywhere.blogspot.com)

    1. This is my first Benefit blush, and if the rest of them are as nice as Rockateur, I would love to try out more! ^__^ I hope you can pick up Rockateur soon, it's gorgeous! Thanks for visiting!! ♥

  7. you bought rockateur! im so happy for you :3 its on my wish list but i dont think ill be buying it soon. i will look forward to your FOTD, i havent really tried this blush on my cheeks and i would love to see it on you, we have very similar skin complexion i think ^^

    1. I was pretty excited for me too! haha! From your pictures, I think this blush would look fantastic on you! Will see about posting an FOTD this weekend after all my homework is finished ~__~

  8. wow! Thanks for this detailed review! I love reviews like this because it really helps me out and your photos are fine! I always have trouble with lighting/wind/ when it comes to my photos.
    In the winter, I tend to look really dull for some reason so this blush would really help though the price is a bit on the higher side for me =( grr why can't I be rich. It really does seems nice so I shall keep it on my wishlist hehe!


    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the review! I like to be thorough! haha. Yes I agree, this was quite the splurge for me given, this is just a blush, but it's a great one. If you could get it as a gift it would be even better! But seriously, if you get the chance, swatch it, you'll totally fall in love! I love this currently because like you, I seem a bit more "dead" looking in the colder months lol

    2. I love thorough!! I need to know how a product works before I spend money on it! I would love to be able to swatch it myself because it does look lovely in the pictures!

  9. I love the color pay off Ms. Anna! As well as the packaging and the embedded logo! I've heard that this was the favorite blush of Ms. Fleur of Fleurdeforce. ^^

    1. ^__^ Thanks for reading, so glad you liked the review! I love this blush, the pigmentation is great!

  10. The box is just too cute! It's too bad that I have no sephora here where I live *sigh* The texture looks really nice too! Hope to see more posts from you! :)


    1. T^T For the longest time I didn't have a Sephora and had to order online all the time. You may be able to find this same blush on another website like Amazon or something, or Benefit.com, I'm not sure if they ship to all international countries though. Thank you so much for reading! The texture is probably one of the most loved things about this blush, it's definitely worth a try if you happen to get the chance. <3

  11. thanks for the review! it sounds amazing and the pictures look gorgeous! x


    1. You're welcome! And thanks for reading, really glad to hear you enjoyed my photos ^__^

  12. so beautiful *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!



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