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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Wishlist!

Hey everyone!  SO SORRY for yet another long hiatus!  -____-;  I have been up to my neck stressing and busy with school, work and life!  Not only is the company I work for super busy for the holiday season, the family and I also are in the midst of moving into a new home!  My in-laws purchased a new home in new area and so I've been busy moving, packing, unpacking, moving more stuff and tossing TONS of stuff!! T___T  I hate moving.  Sadly, hubby and I are actually hoping to move again, this time out of the in-laws hair and into our own little home!  We are crossing our fingers for hubby to receive a call back for a new job!  Wish us luck!

So I had a minute (and finally Internet access) and decided I should post a little something!  I haven't posted since Halloween, and that is far too long of a period of time not to say anything!  With all of the crazy good Black Friday sales, steals and deals, I surprisingly haven't really picked too many things to pick up.  One being, I do not have much spending money at this time considering moving and expenses toward moving and all that fun stuff, and secondly, everything I want is not really on sale, or I have not found the "perfect" whatever I am looking for.  Hubby went out last night and came back home with a couple movies and some new games.  I'll share later what games and maybe what I think of them as soon as I find the time to sit and veg out in front of the big screen.  I did however take advantage of a sale that I'm super excited about!  I have been following Daven Mayeda for some time, and ever since I saw him feature a NuMe hair tool, I have had my eyes peeled for a good deal and finally brought myself to buy/justified the purchase.  One of their tools is $200 normal price, but I was able to steal a lovely clip-less hair curling wand for myself at a whopping $59 steal!  70% off, PLUS an additional 10% coupon!!!! It was the most amazing thing to happen all day.  I'm super excited to get it in the mail.  I purchased the NuMe Magic Wand, I got the 32mm (for soft waves or big and bouncy glamorous curls for my long locks) in the purple model!  This sale is not going to stick around long, so if you are interested or want to take advantage now is the time!!!  I believe the sale ends this Monday!  Plus $12 for shipping, I believe my grand total was about $65 USD, but still, what a STEAL compared to $200 + shipping, for a high quality product!  I can't wait to test it out, and do a post! ^___^

Image source: NuMeproducts.com

Onward!  My next want on the Black Friday wishlist, (but not really because it will most likely never be on sale) is the Naked 3 Palette!!!  And of course, it is currently out of stock, and of course a whopping $52!  I have been on the fence about this palette ever since I saw images that UD were flashing about on Facebook or teasing us with on Instagram.  However, after seeing it on some lovely ladies and seeing a few reviews (like this one from Jen frmheadtotoe) I kind of changed my mind and thought, I really like feminine and romantic or flirty girly eye makeup looks and Naked 3 is the perfect palette for that.  I am also an extreme fanatic of Rose Gold lately!  I have heard that Naked 3 should suit all skin tones, but may look better on paler skin tones which is obviously a given since Naked 3 is a blush/rose gold hue'd palette!  However, after seeing it on Jen frmheadtotoe's video here and here (I think), I was sold!  I currently own the original Naked palette and completely and wholeheartedly love it to pieces and will be forever loyal to it!  When Naked 2 came out, I was not excited, nor interested in picking it up and though I think the colors are very pretty, I do not believe they would suit me (or my personality) as much as the original Naked Palette or the Naked 3 palette would.  Until I bite the bullet and drop $52 bucks on this thing, I'll just look at pictures of it, swatches and look at pictures of people with different looks from the palette! *creeper status much?* XD
Image source: Urbandecay.com

And of course every girls' favorite item on a wishlist is clothes!  However, I can't indulge on this one since I have absolutely no closet space for more clothes or shoes!  Haha!  Hubby and I had to get rid of half of each of our sides of the closet to make room in the new house! T_T  It's okay, we donated all of it and also they were things we didn't wear anymore!  I hope that my 13 sweaters will keep someone toasty and warm this winter! ♥

I have also had my eye on this because I have heard so much about it! Benefit Cosmetic's Bathina!

Image source: Sephora.com

I have seen both Jen and K.L rave about this product on Youtube and on their blogs!  I was kind of suckered in because I love things that smell nice, and my skin has been SO unruly, dry, and painfully so as well as flaky!  I have used everything to battle with it and my face just sucks up any moisture and it's still bone dry!!! (>___< )o

Another random wishlist item that I also do not need but oh so want is the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette.  I seriously do not need this item at all, but it's soooo pretty! Haha, I love the colors, and swatches and pigmentation shown in some Youtube videos and other blogs, make this palette so desirable!  You can also throw in a few different Too Faced products like their brushes (which are so soft I could die) and their creme' lipsticks!  So decadent and luxurious! ^.^;

So I guess that's it for my little holiday/Black Friday wishlist!  It's not much, but I thought it'd be fun to share what I have had my eye on lately!  I also hope to have some reviews of some new products I recently picked up!  I grabbed a new BB cream, cleansing oil and some face masks I hope to share my thoughts on with you all soon.  Thanks so much for sticking around and being patient with me!  I can't wait to get back into the blog-swing of things!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of food and friends, family and lots of love!

Do you have any wishlist items or things you've had your eye on lately?  Let me know in the comments! ♥ (^.~ )v

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