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Sunday, December 21, 2014

[Sidetracked] Leonardo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series

  Hello again everyone!  I thought I'd do a quick post to share with you my latest artwork.  It took a while after I started because I easily get tied up with school work.  As part of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series that I've been slowly completing, Leonardo is the third installment.  I'll be starting Raphael shortly and then for my next art series I want to do Sailor Moon because I've been watching the new Crystal Moon on Crunchyroll, and I have really been enjoying it.  I just recently finished the first season of Deadman Wonderland and it was really awesome!  I also recently finished Psycho Pass on Netflix as well.  I highly recommend both!

  You can find the wallpaper I used as a reference for this drawing here.  I have been really loving sketching, inking and then only choosing one detail to do in color!  I feel like it really gives a pop, and makes the drawing vibrant!  I'm a bit "meh" about this particular drawing, I feel like my lines were a bit sloppy and my shading is SUPER rough. (;__; ) I'm out of practice.  Here's to hoping I get better!

Is anyone else watching any anime series currently?  If so let me know in the comments!  I'm always looking for something else to add to my queue!  I hope you enjoyed this quick post, I'll be back with more!  Until my next post, thanks again for visiting! (^.~ )v

Sunday, December 7, 2014

[Lifestyle] Instagram At A Glance

  Hi everyone!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  November really flew by, and we're already approaching the middle of December, then it's CHRISTMAS and then it's New Years - 2015!!!  It's been a crazy year!  It seriously has been a blur for me; a blur with millions of papers, lots of work, more papers and school and a little fun in between.  I've been super busy with school the last couple months, I'll be on my Finals week this coming week and then right after, I'll start my new class. *phew!*  I'm ready for my sweet, sweet, and long awaited Winter Break!  I get a whole two weeks of freedom from school, until after the New Year, and then back to the salt mines! (;__; )

  Today, I just wanted to do a quick little post since I have fully neglected this poor blog for a good couple weeks!  And I was trying so hard to post regularly too!!  So sorry about the lack of beauty related anything, I've just been super lazy lately, and haven't purchased anything new that I haven't already raved about. So today, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite snapshots from my Instagram as of late.  Poor blog took a backseat to my IG, I'm fairly active there, but I promise, I will have more posts again soon!  And as always, thanks to the awesome blog community and blog friends who are constantly encouraging, are still reading this silly page, and always keeping in touch; it really means a lot to me.  Definitely made friends and I'm very grateful for your friendship!

  I wish I looked this cool snapping shots!  I'm actually fairly clumsy, and all of the photos on this post were taken with the Samsung GS4, edited with VSCO.  Please excuse the quality of some of them, obviously the quality is a lot better with better lighting, but I can't really carry the sun in my pocket ya know? (^.~ )

Thanks for visiting everyone!  Let me know in the comments, what have you been up to lately?  Also, anyone jump in on any good Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?  I did pick up a few things I had been eyeing for a while, would love to hear what you snagged!  Until next time! (^.~ )v

Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Current Obsession]: Taylor Swift ♥

  Hi everyone!  Sorry, I've been MIA again for a while!  Just ended one class, and moved right into another, and the workload is much heavier in this class.  So I apologize for my sporadic hiatuses.  Fall is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest, and we're well on our way to Winter.  I'm looking forward to Summer already haha!  I miss my sunshine and warm days, although, the Pacific Northwest here for the last two or three weeks has had just beautiful Fall weather, chilly air, bright and sunny skies.  It's perfect and just how I love Fall.  Though, we're supposed to get rain, rain, rain these next few days!  That's ok, it's cold, but I've always loved rain.

  Today's post is a bit different, it's not beauty related, but it is art related (at least in my opinion).  So, I'm not one for mainstream music too often.  Not to sound like a music snob or anything like that, but I have really particular tastes in music, and I don't usually listen to the radio or anything like that.  Most of the stuff I listen to, I have discovered on YouTube.  Though recently, Taylor Swift came out with her second single off of her newest album 1989, Blank Space, and I have to admit, IT IS SO... SO CATCHY!!!  I loved the song so much, I sampled the rest of the album and decided to go out and buy it!  I'm obsessed with the entire album, I haven't really "fell in love" with an artist like that in a long time, and I am surprised it's Taylor.  It's really hard to choose just one song to call my "favorite" because I actually really love each song on the album, but as of right now, I've been really feeling "Wildest Dreams", and "Clean".

  I have to say this is one of the best pop albums I've decided to purchase in a long time, and I'm so glad I did.  Taylor Swift has really matured in her music, and has grown a lot in my personal opinion, not that she wasn't great before, but I just really love the note she included with her album; she sort of explained the purpose of a few of the songs, and it was just really lovely and heartfelt.  She also included some really cute polaroids of her and some of the band mates etc, along with the album, and the lyrics are included for every song as well (I always love that!).

  She's usually  not my "cup of music tea", but I'm seriously loving you right now Taylor Swift.  I bought the album last Thursday, and I've been listening to it nonstop since.  I think I'm officially a "Swifty". ^.~

Have you guys listened to any of the songs on her new album?  If you have the album, what's your favorite song?  Or tell me what you've been obsessed with lately!  Music, foods, clothes, anything, I wanna know!  Let me know in the comments! 
Until next time everyone, I'll be back real soon! (^.~ )v

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Currently Coveting] Fall Fashion

  Hi everyone!  We're closing in on the end of October already!  I love Halloween, so I'm pretty excited that it's right around the corner.  I don't really have a costume this year, so I'm most likely going to be a kitty again!  I'll be going to a friends' Halloween Party this weekend, so I'll be sure to share some photos! ^.~
  I wanted to do some posts on some of the things I have been absolutely in love with for Fall!  So I thought I'd kick that off with Fall fashion!  Fall and Winter are wonderful seasons for warm, cozy, layered clothing!  It's beginning to get mighty cold here in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm excited to break out my wool coat, boots and scarves!  I'm also looking forward to the seasonal foods and drinks!  Blankets, hot cocoa and a good book, or snuggling up with a loved one!
  I have been living on Pinterest, and my searches have all been for Fall fashion, knee socks, booties, scarves, hats, fall outfits, you name it, I've probably searched for it!  I have been wanting to expand my Fall portion of my wardrobe, because I don't have much.  I have a lot of basics good for all seasons, but I thought it'd be fun to include some seasonal go-to pieces!  Here's a few pictures of what I have been Currently Coveting and will be on the hunt for the next time I go on a shopping trip!
  I have been absolutely obsessed with the skirt or shorts with tights and/or knee socks trend!  I think it is totally adorable and flirty for Fall.  It's cute, but doesn't completely compromise warmth!

  I really like that this kind of outfit is so versatile.  You can pair a cozy, warm sweater with the skirt and knee socks, or you could pair it with a fancier blouse, or even a comfy t-shirt.  I also really love that you can get away with chunkier shoes too.  You don't always have to wear skirts with flats or heels, you can go with oxfords, or even combat boots!

  The same basic outfit structure also works with shorts!  I personally really love the tights and shorts look, you can dress it up or down!  I really love it dressed down!  It has a comfy, and relaxed feel.  Below, I feel is dressed down.  Super simple and effortless.

Below, still simple, yet a bit edgy.  I still love that it's really casual too.

Now for the fancy, I absolutely love this.  It might be work appropriate if the shorts were a bit longer, but it really depends on where you work.  My workplace is casual, so I could totally get away with something like this.

Also, I have been totally all about cardigans and sweaters paired with skinnies or leggings.  I really love the look.  I call this "lookin' smart" haha.  I would say these are work appropriate if the environment is casual as well.  Cardis are amazing because you can pair them with cute graphic tees or a plain v-neck or t-shirt.  You can also prep it up a bit more as you will see below.

If you have a chambray shirt, this is a great way to put it to use, and add extra warmth on those really cold Fall days, or during Winter.

This last one here is my favorite.  It's smart, comfy, looks cozy and totally adorable.  Totally work appropriate and you still look put together.  Also, did I mention oxfords or loafers are new items for my shoe wishlist?  I just love how they look with certain outfits!

Then there are the classics.  Skinny jeans or leggings, paired with fitted sweaters of all kinds (cable knit, woven etc), or over-sized sweaters, with heels, boots or booties!

   I have been hunting and keeping my eyes peeled for some of these pieces! Skirts, shorts, cozy sweaters, and especially booties and oxfords.  I hope my little venture into my Pinterest fashion board has been fun and you enjoyed some of the looks I'm currently coveting!

  I would love to know what you are currently coveting this Fall!  Let me know in the comments, what are you after this season?  I hope everyone's season has been going swell so far, Happy Halloween and be safe everyone!  Until next time! (^.~ )v

Saturday, October 4, 2014

[Lifestyle] Selfies, Messy Hair, Fall trends

  Hello again everyone!  Today was a really beautiful and sunny Fall afternoon.  If you know me personally, I wear makeup about two times a week and that's not even a full face.  I wear a full face like maybe once every two weeks on the weekend.  I don't go out much, and I'm too lazy to get up extra early to doll up before work!  What can I say?  I really love sleep.. haha.

  Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I'm fairly active on there, more so than here on the blog (I'm sorry! ;___;).  Anyway, I have been on a selfie kick and I've been taking a lot of pictures of this mug o' mine.  I thought I'd do a little diddy on the blog to share!  A lot of times I have to size down my photos for IG anyway so, this will allow you all to bask in the glory of my pictures with my mug extra huge on your screen. O__O 

  I'm not sure what apps most bloggers or Youtubers use but I know that VSCO Cam is a popular one, and I personally really love it and use it for most of my pictures on IG and even for the blog.  It's just a fast, easy and convenient way to add a bit o' pizazz to my pictures.  

  I also wanted to share my FOTD/Fall Everyday Makeup look that I have been obsessed with lately.  It's simply just a bit of concealer under the eyes, and on some blemishes blended out, brown winged liner, mascara, and cherry lip stain.  I tried to do my hair this morning with my curling wand, but I haven't quite got the hang of doing it with shorter length hair, so my hair is messy and I was mad at first, but it works.. because it is sessy... sessy messy... messy sessy™!  It could be a thing right? lol Anyway, hope you enjoy this quick post and my shameless camera whoring and edited selfies.  Please excuse the silly fail attempts at being artistic.

This one is my favorite, because of how the filter made all the red in the photo pop!  I'm really loving red a lot this Fall.  Bright pops of red is probably not even a trend right now.. But I don't even care I'm rocking it. :3

  For Fall, I've really been loving the warmer section of my closet lately.  I've pulled out all my cardigans, sweaters and flannels, as well as my boots and cozy scarves and socks!  I really love red (because, ya know it's the color of blood. lol! :3  ), and so I've managed to work some brighter tones of red into the wardrobe which I hope to feature soon.  I also want to incorporate more dresses and skirts into my wardrobe in general, but mostly for Fall because I've been seeing some really cute outfits with the mentioned pieces put together beautifully all over Pinterest!  I've also REALLY been obsessed with the Fall Vampy trend too.  I'm on a hunt for the perfect vampy lip color!  I think that bloody red/burgundy shade is gorgeous, and I've also been really loving that gorgeous deep plum/purple trend too!

Let me know in the comments, what's your current favorite Fall trend?  Anything I should check out? 
Thanks a lot for reading and I hope to see you again real soon! (^.~ )v

Monday, September 29, 2014

[Manicure Monday] Vegas Glam!

  Hi everyone!  Long time no post!  I've been really busy!  My final for my current class is next week and I've been a busy bee, trying to get my portion of the team final complete.  I finally finished everything today!  I also took a three day weekend trip to Las Vegas last week and had a lot of fun with a friend I haven't seen for around 11 years!  I'll have a separate post with silly pictures soon!

  Today, I wanted to share my manicure for my weekend getaway!  I thought it was perfect for the glam that is Vegas.  I went for a little sparkle, some darkness for those late nights on the strip and a little gold for luck!  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture, but unfortunately it's the only shot I snapped while I had the mani still.  Enjoy!

I used the following products for this Manicure Monday:
  • Base - OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
  • Base color - Essie Licorice
  • Glitter gradient - OPI for Sephora Only Gold For Me Top Coat (discontinued but you can find similar!)
  • Accent nail - Gwen Stefani for OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby
  • Top coat- Sech Vite Fast Drying Top coat
  I really love black and gold combinations, especially on manicures.  There's something a little edgy, a little glam, and a little dark, but not too dark about it.  I think this is perfect for Fall and Winter months too!  I got tons of compliments on this manicure while in Vegas, also, it was about 96 degrees there the whole time and so it was super sunny and SUPER hot!!!  This manicure is beautiful in the sunlight, the sparkles catch glints of sunlight and it is just so sparkly!  If you love dark nail polishes, do yourself a favor and grab a gold glitter top coat, you'll thank me.  It's a perfect topper for dark polishes for a hint of glam and sparkle.

Hoping everyone has been enjoying the first week of Fall (or Summer? depending on where you are in the world).  What's your favorite manicure combos for Fall and Winter?  
Let me know in the comments! (^.~ )v

Monday, September 15, 2014

[Hair] Went shorter!

  Hi everyone!  I'm back with an update post!  I began my week long vacation from work last Friday and have the rest of the week off until next Monday!  *Big cheer!*  Some of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I had really long hair for a few years.  A few months back I decided to cut a majority of it off for Summer and for a new change (though I've had both short and long hair off and on throughout my life).  I went in for a clean up/trim and decided to go a bit shorter!  I thought I'd share with you the new cut!  I have been really loving the new length lately and it's so much fun and there's so much you can do with short hair too.  I got it to a length where I can just barely get it gathered into a tiny pony tail, that's okay though; my showers have been cut in half if not more, styling is a breeze and takes less time too, and I feel like my hair is back to being super healthy again!  Really, a nice haircut really refreshes and revives you and your look!  So if you've been contemplating the big chop, just go for it!  It'll grow back anyhow!  And if you're still on the fence, don't go super short all at once, I wasn't so sure how short I wanted it, but I decided I could go shorter this time because my hair grew so quickly!

  If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see how many short/medium length cuts and styles I've pinned lately and so basically I've been a little obsessed with this length.  When I first cut off around 10 inches of my long hair, I got it cut up to about my collarbone and went for a "long bob" kind of look, you can see that in this post.  The cut I went for this time, the front layer is much more angled and more "classic bob" and the length of the layer in the back is a bit shorter like your traditional bob.

Yikes! No makeup!  *Dem dark circles/eye bags tho.*

  It isn't that much shorter than it was before, I think the shape is just a bit more angled, so the back is actually much shorter than it was the first cut.  In the picture above, I just did my usual routine, and blow dried, but used a round brush and skipped the flat iron.  Nice and effortless and really, it only took like 10 minutes to do my hair this morning.  That's a nice change from taking an hour to do my hair!  In these next pictures, this was the day I got it cut and I went out for a lunch party for my hubby's birthday!

  I'm excited to curl my shorter hair, I just love the waves that some people can get with shorter lengths, so cute and spunky!  I feel like this length of hair gives me a new energy and I feel a lot more lively!  I've also had people tell me it makes me look younger */fistpump* and some people have said that it makes me look more my age or more mature.  Not sure, but I'm mostly ecstatic at how little time it takes me to get ready now haha!  Anyway, I hope to have more posts this week and I'll be documenting or at least camera blogging my trip to Vegas this weekend!!!  I'm going with a good girlfriend and it's my first time there!  Be sure to follow me on my trip via Instagram!  I'm sure I'll have lots of stuff to share!

Let me know in the comments if you've had a major hair change this Summer!  Let me know what you got done!  I'll be seeing you guys later this week! Until next time, Happy Monday everyone! (^.~ )v

Friday, September 5, 2014

[Sidetracked] "Real Life Facts of Actual Couples" - Panda Loves Eyeliner ver 2.0

  Hey everyone!  Been a while since my last post.  Today's post is a tad different from my previous ones.  It's not beauty related (lolwut!?), isn't a new drawing (unfortunately), and isn't a huge announcement of any kind.  I was inspired by a small article that my husband linked to me.  Now, if you know me personally or have known me for a while, I have a strange sense of humor, and so does the hubster; put the two of us together and we can come up with even stranger things. O_o

  The article, which you can find here, is actually really cute.  Some of the things mentioned in the article are supposedly facts from real life couples.  I thought it'd be entertaining and kind of funny to create my own list of facts; from personal experiences between me and the hubster, or things I've heard from friends and family, or even Youtubers and fellow bloggers.  I also thought why not!?  I mean, I finished all my homework for this week, caught up on all of my TV shows for the week, and had some time to kill and share it with you lovely readers. (^.~)b  Take a flip and find out what facts I decided to share!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

[Sidetracked]: Michaelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series

  Hi again everyone!  I have another Sidetracked post for you guys!  I actually finished Michaelangelo of TMNT or Mikey here, about a week or so ago.  I just hadn't had the time to create a post for him until now.  I'm currently finishing the last week of my first Bachelor's class.  It's been an interesting 5 weeks, so I'm excited and a bit nervous to see how the next class goes, I believe it's on coding (which makes me nervous, because I had a bad experience with it in my past class).  Anyway, if you follow my Deviant Art account, you can stay up to date on my artwork and new posts drawing/art wise. (^.^ )b  I used this picture for reference.  The following photos were taken with my Samsung GS4 (I don't have a scanner so I have to make do with the cameras I have ^.^;)  I used the VSCO Cam app to edit the black and white photos you see below.  Please take the flip to see the works in progress leading up to the finished piece!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

[Review]: Urban Decay Dangerous Palette

  Hi everyone!  So I'd been meaning to review this palette since I picked it up sometime last year.  I believe I purchased this on clearance, so it was around $20, when it was normally like a $35 palette. There were three palettes that came out in this little series.  I picked up The Dangerous Palette, as opposed to the Feminine and Fun palettes.  I felt like this particular palette had colors I'd use more so than the other ones, and I really love the jewel tones included in the Dangerous Palette.  (Also, the name of this palette is pretty badass right?  Who wouldn't want a badass eye makeup look?)

  This palette comes in a zipper/pouch style, and it's got like a vinyl kind of material on the outside.  It's fairly durable and has been great for travel.  It also includes a decent sized mirror and the Naked lipgloss.  It's a nice color and has a bit of a sticky texture, so I don't ever really use it, because I don't care for the formula and it doesn't really do anything for me.

I really enjoyed every shade in this palette.  There are a few shades for pops of color and then some nice, more neutral shades for less intense looks.  They're all a metallic finish, but look really great on any skin tone.  I really like this palette for fall, or nights out!  The formula of this palette is nothing short of what Urban Decay is known for; they're buttery, blend like a dream and are super velvety and long lasting.  I think Gravity and Loaded are my favorite shades.  You can easily do any kind of smokey eye with this palette.  I found myself reaching for this when going to concerts too!  I'd recommend this to anyone who wants really pretty jewel tone shades or a fun smokey eye palette with a touch of color.

  That was it for this short and sweet review.  Have you guys tried any of the other palettes? (Feminine or Fun)  Do you have a favorite Urban Decay palette?  Let me know in the comments!  Hope you found this helpful!  (^.~ )v

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