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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New acne routine

Hey everyone!  Long time no post!  I wanted to do a quick blurb about what I'm going to test out for my recent breakouts.  As you can see from my last post my face has been on the fritz! It's calmed down some, but I recenly heard of some products I want to try from KL of secretlifeofabionerd.  She's been using a cleanser and treatment from DERMAdoctor.  I purchased the same products and plan to give them a go starting today.  The cleanser is DERMAdoctor Ain't Misbehavin' Medicated AHA/BHA Acne Cleanser and the treatment I'll be using is the DERMAdoctor Ain't Misbehavin' Medicated Acne Control Serum. After KL's rave about these products, I just had to get my hands on them and try it out for myself!  I'll go into depth about my experience and journey with this brand over the weeks and future posts.   I'll leave you with a before picture and continue documenting the results (if any) as time passes.  Will definitely do a post at least after a month or two months, with comparisons on my before and after pictures, as well as a full, in-depth review.  Hope everyone is doing well!  I miss blogging and will do my best to keep you all posted!  ♡


  1. hi anna! miss reading your posts :D btw your "home" button doesnt bring me to your main page but instead it brings me to my blogger dashboard ^^

    1. Hello Shayne! <3 I did that on purpose to my "home" button, since if you click on my blog banner it takes you back to my blog main page. I like being able to go back to my dashboard, hence I considered it "home". I wonder if I should change it lol.


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