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Monday, April 14, 2014

[Steal Alert]!!! Mega deal on NuMe Hair tools!

Hey everyone!  I was just surfing my Youtube channel, and the lovely Lindy aka BubzBeauty posted an adorably new hair tutorial (which I will hopefully do myself soon!).  In her video, NuMe has provided her and her subscribers a mega sweet deal on the Lustrum NuMe Hair set and the NuMe hair wands.  (I have the Magic Wand 32mm and I absolutely love it!)  No kidding ladies or gents ^.~  this is a mega steal, you can get any curling wand for $39!!!!  I was able to get my hands on the NuMe Magic Wand during Christmas for 75% off and I still spent like $60!  This is a serious deal! I'm so excited for anyone who's going to splurge that $39 bucks! haha.  I know a few posts ago, I mentioned that I'd do a review with my Magic Wand and I still haven't gotten around to doing so, but I plan to in the next few weeks.  If you follow me on Instagram, I post occasional pictures of awesome hair days thanks to the NuMe Magic Wand.  I'll be providing the hair tutorial below!  Watch her video, the hair tutorial is really simple and super pretty!  She provides the links and coupon codes to the products you can get (steal!) in the drop down box, seriously I hope ya'll take advantage of this!

See you all again soon with another post!  Hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend! ^.~

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