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Saturday, July 19, 2014

[Favorites Series]: Summer Edition: Body Products by The Body Shop

  Hey everyone!  It's been a while!  I want to take a moment, to thank everyone who has been following my humble little blog, or has begun following regardless of my lack of posts.  Work and school make me their slave!  ;___;

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  Good news is, I have the next week or so off from school and I have just completed my Associates Degree program.  I'm very excited to start my Bachelors program soon!  I should be receiving my certificate in the next month!  Now that I have a break from school, I can work on some posts and work on a few drawings!  I'll be sure to share works in progress as well as finished products!

  Now that I have caught us up on my uneventful life, I wanted to share a new series I'd like to begin on my blog.  A lot of bloggers or beauty bloggers rather, have regular monthly posts sharing their favorite products or items for the month; this usually includes makeup, hair and skin products.  Because I don't quite have the budget for new products every single month, I thought I'd just do a variation of monthly favorites.  Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite body products for Summer that I've really been enjoying from The Body Shop!  Please take a flip below if you'd like to find out which products are my favorite for Summer, and what I thought of them!

  I don't know about you, but Summer is one of my most favorite seasons, besides Fall.  It's warm which means lighter makeup, cute, breezy blouses, fun skirts, adorable wedges, sexy sandals and heels, beaches, pastels, shorts and my personal favorite of the bunch, BBQs.  Summer time is also prime time for using less products and smelling fantastically fruity!  I love, love, LOVE fruity scents!  I know a lot of people really enjoy Bath and Body Works, but I'm not a big fan of theirs.  Their scents to me are a little too artificial for my taste, and hubby's nose is sensitive so I need to be careful and B&W products are a no no for hubby's nose. ;__;

  The Body Shop has been my go to store for amazing quality and great smelling body products for years!  My personal favorite of all time is their Coconut line.  I have their body mist, lotion, body butter and shower cream in Coconut and just love it all year round.  However, I do have a deep love for the Satsuma and Mango line, and I covet their usually limited edition Vineyard Peach scent!  I was uber stoked to find that they FINALLY came out with a body mist in this scent, you know I stocked up!  I've got a back up bottle and the bottle that is currently open is being used sparingly!

  Now that you know what my personal favorite scents are, let me share with you some of my current favorite products in each specific scent that I have just been loving so far this Summer!  We'll start with the body mists!

  I absolute LOVE The Body Shop's body mists!  They are high quality and last all day on me!  They're also not overpowering, and you only need 3 pumps of the stuff max!  I use two spritz and I'm good for the whole day, and even at night I can still smell a light linger of whatever scent I used that morning.  Each body mist bottle holds 3.3 fl oz.  That might not seem like much, but one bottle usually lasts me around 5-6 months and I use one scent everyday or change up scents when I feel like it.  I also really love the nozzles on these bottles!  They spray a nice, even light mist every time!  It's not too much and not too little, it's perfect!  These are my most favorite scents out of the whole line, Satsuma, Coconut and Vineyard Peach.  Satsuma is nice and light, and is very citrus-y and orange-y, it's very refreshing and uplifting, perfect for a light Summer scent.  Coconut is a nice, crisp coconut scent, a touch of sweetness and some creaminess to the scent as well.  I love Coconut for it's tropical-esque scent.  I also think it's warm enough to wear well into Fall.  I always receive compliments when I wear this one.  Last but not least, Vineyard Peach, y u smell so good!? OwO  This is a close new favorite to Coconut!  Vineyard Peach is fresh, and very peachy.  It's light, and a bit on the fruity sweet side, but not too sweet.  It's smells like a real fresh peach, but I notice on me, on occasion it can remind some of those peach ring gummy candies.  I think if you go light on this scent, it will not come off with that candy like scent, but I enjoy it regardless.  I highly recommend any of these scents if you love fruity or tropical scents!

  This product is fairly new and was recently released in the last month or so.  I love lotion, but not so much in the Summer.  I hate feeling heavily greased up with any product for the sake of moisturizing, when it's hot outside and I'm pouring buckets of sweat!  I want to smell nice, my skin to feel soft and moisturized, but when it's super hot outside, lotion is just not happening for me.  This product is seriously a blessing!  The Body Shop's Body Sorbet in Satsuma is my favorite scent in the Body Sorbet line.  It is a very interesting product and has the most peculiar texture!  This product is made with aloe vera, and the texture itself is kind of like a gel.  It's kind of gritty at first, like it has small granules or bits when you first rub it in, but it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin refreshed and lightly scented!  I think it's moisturizing properties are decent, but could be better, but then again it's a light gel type product, so I didn't expect it to be ultra moisturizing.  I would definitely repurchase this product, and I may even stock up in different scents.  This is a nice alternate to regular body lotion, or even The Body Shops' body butters, which are fantastic, just too heavy for Summer!  I can foresee these body sorbets becoming a regular Summer staple of mine!

  Everyone knows how important it is to exfoliate, especially during extreme weather like in Winter and Summer.  During the Summer, I really love a great body exfoliant, to slough off those icky dead skin cells, to reveal smooth, soft, and radiant skin for the Summer, especially the legs and arms!  The Body Shop's Body Scrubs are divine!  They are so luxurious, and smell so good!  I really love the Coconut scrub, but my all time favorite is the Vineyard Peach Body Scrub!  For some reason, it doesn't always show up on TBS's website, but when it's in season, I can always find it at the local store.  Every summer I stock up on a couple tubs of this stuff to last me until they bring this baby back!  This scrub is one of the best I've used and I just love the after-scent, and I love how smooth and soft it leaves my skin after the shower.  It has scrubby bits in it, that help to exfoliate the dead skin cells off, yet it's fairly gentle to use.  I use this maybe once a week and I love using it before shaving my legs too!  If you're looking for a scrubby body scrub with yummy scents, check out TBS's line!

  There you have it folks!  My favorite Body Shop products for Summertime!  These are all scents and products that I stock up on each year, or buy and use frequently!  A few noteworthy remarks; none of these products irritate my sensitive skin, and the scents have been hubby with allergies and picky nose approved!  Another great thing I love about not just these products but with The Body Shop as a company in general is the work they do!  I appreciate that they are against animal testing, value and support Community Trade, Human rights, Ethical Trade and are active with Protect the Planet.  You can read more about what TBS believes in here

  Have you used any of these products?  If so, what's your favorite scent?  Are you interested in any of these items?  What's on your Summer Favorites list?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks again for reading, and I hope that everyone is enjoying their Summer, or Winter depending on where you are!  I'll be back with my updated skin care routine and a full review on the DermaDoctor products!  Until next time! (^.~ )v


  1. Love your inspiring post :)


    1. Thank you!! ^__^ Appreciate you stopping by to read!

  2. Replies
    1. All of the scents/lines I mentioned are not limited edition, except the Vineyard Peach scent, that's only seasonal. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it! <3

  3. congrats on finishing your studies anna! :)
    youll love it in my country we have tons of coconuts & coconut products here haha. my fave TBS scent would have to be strawberry. i get dizzy whenever i sniff their other scents.

    1. Thank you Shayne! I'm finished with the first half of my studies, but not quite all of it yet ;__; I'll complete the Bachelor's program in another 2 years!

      I love coconut scents, and I do LOVE fresh coconut too! ^_^ I'd love to visit Philippines someday! I love the Strawberry scent, but it doesn't smell that nice on me, it kind of turns into something not strawberry! lol That's too bad that the other scents make you dizzy :(

  4. Vineyard Peach smells SO GOOD but I can only take it in small doses because I think it's too sweet. My all time fav is the brazil nut line though--I've got the scrub, bar soap and the body butter UGH LET ME ROLL IN THAT SCENT 5EVER. I haven't tried anything from the coconut line yet though BUT IT ALSO SMELLS GOOD. I actually don't like the mists that they offer though...or maybe the Brazil Nut mist just smells super weird on me.

    Also, congrats on complementing your Associates Degree! I have no idea what that is, but getting any degree requires hard work, man ;-;

    1. I really love Coconut, and I don't mind the sweetness of the peach on me, it doesn't get too sweet if I don't go overboard. I just love the mists, that's too bad they don't smell nice for you! ;__; It really is body chemistry. Bath and Body Works mists/sprays are like that for me, they smell too chemical-y and very artificial and totally bother the hubster. And thank you! An Associates Degree is just completing the prerequisites upon entering college or a university. I will now be moving onto a "specialized" degree and delve deeper into a subject I will be basing my career on. ^__^b

      Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it! ♥


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