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Monday, July 28, 2014

[Review]: Urban Decay Naked 3: Rose Gold Love

  Hello again everyone!  Today I'm back with a product review and swatches of the ever-so coveted rose gold goodness that is Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on this rose gold baby last Christmas and utilized my $15 off coupon with Sephora; SCORE!  AND, I snagged it before they sold out again for Christmas a second time; DOUBLE SCORE!  

  I have had this for the better part of the year, and honestly have only ever used it a handful of times, but I still really love this palette!  My main problem is the fact that I'm always in a hurry (or late), and I can't be bothered to throw on some eyeshadow, also because I have super oily lids, which can put a damper on this girls' eyeshadow wearin' abilities.  And just for the record, yes I use shadow primer, but alas, I still experience the shadows slippin' n' slidin' err'where or just sliding off. Grr stupid oily lids, if my oily lids were a person...

  Anywho, I'd like to share with you my thoughts on UD's Naked 3 palette and some swatch action.  Rose gold has been a pretty big trend for a while now, and I only recently fell in love with it last Fall.  Rose gold is such a pretty hue for any or all skin tones accessory wise, clothing and in this case, makeup wise.  I was totally stoked when Urban Decay announced they were coming out with this palette, I had made up my mind that I was going to get my hands on it as soon as it was released, so I started saving up.  I really love this palette for special occasions.  It's the perfect palette for those flirty, girly looks, or even the glamorous ones, that are a bit toned down and almost neutral.  Take a flip for swatches and more thoughts!

  Aside from anyone that loves rose gold toned things, this palette looks beautiful on all eye colors.  I think it looks super gorgeous on those with grey, blue or green eyes.  It really makes those specific eye colors pop, however that doesn't mean that it doesn't look equally as beautiful on darker eye colors.  For me, I feel that the rose gold, slightly muted, somewhat neutral hues of this palette bring a certain kind of warmth to my brown eyes.  It gives you a little something, without being over the top.  Let's take a closer peek at what this palette includes.  The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette includes 12 eyeshadows total, there's a mixture of  a few matte finishes, shimmer/satin finishes, and some glitter finishes; as all UD palettes usually include.  You have your highlighter shade, blender shades and some darker shades for eye contouring or an alternate liner option.  You can glam up, or simplify down with this palette, and in my opinion, every shade in this palette is wearable, and that's pretty hard to come by in some palettes.  (There's always at least one or two shades that you would never touch..)  It also comes with a dual-sided brush, which is actually useful and makes the palette fairly travel-friendly.  The brush is super soft and great quality. The packaging is also very nice, it's rose gold with texture on the outside, and has a sturdy metal (?) casing.  It also shuts securely, as you can hear that awesome snap when you close it.  I like this palette for casual everyday looks and more evening/glam type looks.  This palette is very versatile, you can wear it for special occasions, at work or to the office, or casually.

  Starting from the left and moving to the right of the palette, we have the following colors:
  • Strange - One of the matte colors in this palette.  It's a nice creamy shade.  Leans towards an almost mauve or lavender hue on my skin but in the palette looks very off white/ivory cream or beige-y and, it's very light and great for highlighting. You could even use it alone for a nice eye brightening effect.
  • Dust - This photo does not do this shade justice.  It's much more sparkly/glittery in person.  It's like rose gold exploded with glitter.  This one is a nice rose gold hue, leaning more toward rose.  It has pretty light glitter flecks, but I find it's very crumbly and has lots of fall out.  This shade is hard to work with, but I still think it's gorgeous.  It's an especially great shade to pack onto the center of the lid with a wet technique to really bring out the sparkle.
  • Burnout - This is a nice overall shade.  It's got a nice satin/shimmer finish and is very soft and has a bit of fall out too, but not as bad as Dust.  This is a nice rose shade with pink shimmer, great to wear alone for a girly eye look.
  • Limit - This is one of my favorites.  It's a matte, dusty, mauve/rose shade.  It's really beautiful alone, and as a nice contour/blending shade on the eyes.  This is a very work or office appropriate shade, if you're a one shadow kind of girl, it's perfect for a little color if you're in a hurry.
  • Buzz - This is one of the more sparkly shades. It has micro glitters and is a really nice satin rose color.  This is one of my favorites!
  • Trick - I TOTALLY FORGOT TO SWATCH THIS ONE! ;___;  I'm so sorry!  Trust me, this shade is gorgeous.  It has a bit of fall out too since it's one of the glittery shades. It's a nice coppery kind of rose shade with glitters.
  • Nooner -  This is a really great matte rose/mauve shade.  This is perfect by itself also or as a contouring shade for the eyes.

  Now we're getting into the darker shades.  I find that each of these shades in particular, look really fantastic as just liners!  If I'm in a hurry or feel like doing something different, I just smudge one of these shades into my upper lash line with a detail brush and fade it out at the ends for a slight wing, and I'm good to go!  It's really simple and still looks a bit put together.  I especially love Blackheart for lining.
  • Liar - A really beautiful rosy, almost cappuccino shade, with micro glitters.
  • Factory - This is one of the browner/tawny tones in the palette.  It's a bit of a chocolate shade that leans more mauve/rose and has a satin finish.
  • Mugshot - This is a very satin taupe color with a hint of rose.  It's a satin finish, but shimmery!
  • Darkside - This is a gorgeous cocoa color with a touch of rose.  This shade is a satin finish.
  • Blackheart - My favorite among the dark shades.  It's a deep, dark chocolate shade with rosy glitters.  This is my go to shade for lining the eyes, or for a more dramatic or evening look.
  Again, overall this is a very wearable and versatile palette.  It's very pretty for any season also!  This is great for Winter and Fall, and great for more flirty looks in the Spring and Summer.  My favorite part about this palette is that every shade is wearable and I can see myself using up the entire palette completely.  So for me, this was worth every penny I spent on it.  I would highly recommend this for anyone who love rose gold, or more girly tones for their eye makeup.  You won't be disappointed.

  My only gripes are that a few of the more glittery or sparkly shades have a lot of fall out, and overall the formula for all of the shades in this palette are UD's normal buttery texture, however this palette in particular, compared to the Naked Basics or original Naked palette that I have, seem a lot softer in texture.  So the Naked 3 shades blend like a dream, but seem a bit powdery sometimes, and as I mentioned earlier, can be a bit crumbly.  Though this can be a deal breaker for some, I still really love these shadows and enjoy them very much.

  I hope to do a look soon with this palette to share and because I haven't experimented with a full on eye makeup look in a while, I thought it'd be nice to include a post.  Do you have this palette, what do you think of it?  I always love hearing about new products, if you have a favorite "everything palette" let me know in the comments!

Thanks again everyone for reading!  Until next time! (^.~ )v


  1. Great swatches! This palette is so beautiful to look at, but I'm content with my Naked 2 so I think I'll save my mone for now! Those anime gifs are so cute hehe.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Hi Sheri! Thank you! ^__^ I considered getting the Naked 2 when it first came out, but I didn't like the shades on me. Then they put out Naked 3 and I fell in love! ^_^; And thanks I've been a bit obsessed with gifs lately and especially the anime ones! haha. :3 Thanks for visiting I really appreciate it!

  2. The colors in this palette are really gorgeous Anna! It's nice how they look like they would wear well on their own as well as complimenting each other. Definitely flattering and trans-seasonal. If I actually wore eyeshadow more often I would consider getting it. It's a bummer you can't get the Michael Kors Rose Gold watch you wanted at the moment but at least you have this beautiful palette to indulge your love for rose gold :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Hey Rowena! Yes I just love looking at this palette, it's so pretty and I don't even have to use it haha. I would probably have hit pan on a few of these shades if I wore makeup more often too. Yah one of these days I'll snag me an MK Rose gold watch. :D

  3. now that you mentioned it, naked 3 does have a softer texture compared to my naked1 palette! how nice :) my fave is liar and i agree dust has a lot of fall out.
    i lold at the sailor moon reference. are you watching the newly released episodes? :D

    1. :D It was kind of different to feel them so soft like that. But anyway, no I have not started watching the new release of Sailor Moon, I haven't had the time! ;___; I would really like to, but I have so many other things to watch in my queue and other projects that demand what little time I have! I will eventually begin watching them though, how about you!? ^__^

  4. I need to try this palette! Even though they are similar to the past collections, I think the shades are perfect for everyday.

    1. It's really lovely, especially if you like everyday pink/neutral tones! It works great with any eye color too. I still really love Naked 1 for everyday or night. But this is a great neutral everyday palette and the shades are too pretty! ^_^ Thanks for visiting! ♥

  5. Love the gifs haha

    1. I really enjoy gifs a lot hehe! :3 Thanks for stopping by Jeffrey, I'm embarrassed of my photos! They don't hold a candle to yours! haha ^_^ ♥

  6. Replies
    1. I think you would love it! It would look stunning on your light colored eyes! ^__^ ♥ Thanks for visiting Charmeuse!

  7. Thanx for the detailed review. The colours look really lovely. I could never bear to such beautiful eyeshadow palette. I had the Naked 2 but I gave it away. I don't use eyeshadow on daily basis too as I have the same problem as you.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Hi Jo! Hope you are feeling better from your last fall ;__; <3 I really love this palette and I'm glad you found my review detailed, that's usually what I aim for! ^__^ Though I have this, I should probably use it more often, but I have yet to find an HG primer or anything like that. Darn oily lids. -___-


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