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Friday, September 5, 2014

[Sidetracked] "Real Life Facts of Actual Couples" - Panda Loves Eyeliner ver 2.0

  Hey everyone!  Been a while since my last post.  Today's post is a tad different from my previous ones.  It's not beauty related (lolwut!?), isn't a new drawing (unfortunately), and isn't a huge announcement of any kind.  I was inspired by a small article that my husband linked to me.  Now, if you know me personally or have known me for a while, I have a strange sense of humor, and so does the hubster; put the two of us together and we can come up with even stranger things. O_o

  The article, which you can find here, is actually really cute.  Some of the things mentioned in the article are supposedly facts from real life couples.  I thought it'd be entertaining and kind of funny to create my own list of facts; from personal experiences between me and the hubster, or things I've heard from friends and family, or even Youtubers and fellow bloggers.  I also thought why not!?  I mean, I finished all my homework for this week, caught up on all of my TV shows for the week, and had some time to kill and share it with you lovely readers. (^.~)b  Take a flip and find out what facts I decided to share!

Fun fact #1 - We get mad at each other.

  All couples fight, it's no secret.  Actually, every one fights.  It's not some alien or foreign concept and it happens to the best of us.  I know I have a horrible temper, yet somehow my hubby has the utmost patience with me (MOST of the time LOL).  Fact: we fight, we get reaaaaalllly mad, there might be crying, there might be a lot of palm to the forehead and sometimes complete and total silence.  It's okay, it's not the end of the world as we know it *queue song*, but from experience, give it some time, the person some space, come back and either calmly communicate things out, or apologize. (Ya'll know when you should be sorry so, just apologize).  Sometimes (from experience), we come back to the fight/argument/discussion whatever made us mad in the first place, and find that it wasn't even worth it, nor did it matter anymore.  We bury the hatchet and move along.  

Fun fact #2 - We do our best to make time for each other.

  Most adult couples each work or go to school and sometimes both, and this can put a damper on those date nights.  I know some couples to specifically set aside a day just for "date night".  I think this is a great idea.  Though, for hubby and I, we do our date night a bit different.  On occasion it will actually be a "date night" out, and we'll go to a movie and dinner, or just dinner, and on those special occasions we take a day trip somewhere.  As a financially struggling couple (as are a lot of other couples out there), we find other things or ways to create our own version of "date night".  It's really whatever you and your SO make of it.  We've had "inside" date nights at home.  We *COUGH!! I* make dinner, he cleans and we watch a couple movies together after, play a game together, read together, watch a show or start a series on Netflix, and sometimes we've considered going out with friends a bit of a date night too.  Aside from date nights, we tend to spend the most time together, just before bed time.  Since we got together, even before we got married, it's always been a nightly ritual every once in a great while to stay up extra late (a couple hours extra) just to talk.  We catch up on each other's day, talk about something we read, have a discussion about a specific topic, you name it, we probably chatted about it before bed.  My favorite late night talks are the ones where we just totally and completely BS and laugh hysterically about nonsense and then fall asleep. Whatever we can do, or however we can do it; if we're spending time together, that's all that counts. (^.~ )b  

Fun fact #3 - KARAOKE BUDDIES!!! \(^.^ )/

  Everyone who knows hubster and me, knows that we both really LOVE music. (As does the rest of the world, unless you're a freak. O_o)  If you know me personally, you know I really love to sing, but I'm actually quite shy about it, and I can get easily embarrassed or something ridiculous.. UNLESS it's actual karaoke and the music is 10x louder than me (then that's okay).  Anyway, before hubby and I were married, I never used to sing in front of him, and he used to catch me when I thought no one could hear me! *Side eye'in you love*  He purposely didn't say anything or react because he thought it was cute.  Now that we've been together and married for a long while, I have really come out of my shell and he's one of the special few I will belt out a song with spontaneously and not even care if I sound half decent or not.  My husband is very boisterous and he has no qualms about breaking into song (or dance for that matter) and it's rubbed off on me a bit.  Some of my favorite moments are ones where, we're doing two separate and completely different things, and a song comes on that we both know, or in the middle of a conversation, we are randomly reminded of the same song, we will both go into musical mode, and break into song together.  Singing (or rather yelling/screaming) a song at the top of our lungs together, almost always happens during car rides.

Fun fact #4 - Surprises.

  Ah, surprises.  Those are fun sometimes.  Fact - we don't surprise all too often.  When they do happen, they're not huge or extravagant or expensive.  Most of the time, the surprises we have for each other are small, yet meaningful (cliche enough for you?!).  For example; sometimes we'll do something spontaneous.  Go to the store at midnight or later to get ice cream and watch a movie until 2am.  Or, we'll notice a band we both like that might be in town for the weekend and we'll spontaneously decide to go.  Sometimes the surprise is even in the form of laying around in bed all day and just spending time with each other talking or cuddling.  MY FAVORITE SURPRISES ARE ALWAYS FOOD RELATED.  Sometimes my husband will grab me my favorite snacks or candies and sometimes if I'm feeling up for it, I'll bake.  Hubby always loves homemade or home baked goods; pies, cookies, cupcakes, cake, treats etc.

Fun fact #5 - Comfort.

    Maybe this is TMI or straight up EW!  But, I think most couples after being together for a really long time end up becoming overly comfortable.  When you can fart in front of each other, you're as comfortable as can be around each other. Bubzbeauty actually has a video addressing this sort of thing here.  LOL ah, true love is in the air... literally. hahaha!

Fun fact #6 - "Be a jerk - but not really"

  #12 on that list in the original article (just in case here) says to be a jerk, but not really.  Playing jokes on your SO is sometimes necessary.  Hubby and I mess with each other all the time.  I am almost always the smart-ass, especially when he's trying to be romantic, but I only kid!  Hubby likes to mimic me because he thinks it's cute how I say certain things.  I usually end up slightly peeved and feeling as though he's making fun of me (but he's really not).  A lot of times, people will mistake our mischievousness with one another as us arguing or fighting, when that's not it at all.  We like to banter, but it's all in good fun.  Oh my favorite?  When hubby asks me a serious question along the lines of "omg did you do blah blah blah?! I forgot."  (Though I really did do whatever) I almost always go with, "OMG NO!!!? It's all your fault you didn't remind me!"  Or, hubby asks, "Hey can you please get blank for me?" As I'm walking to get it, "NO U!!!!" :3 heh heh.

Fun fact #7 - Affection.

  I'm not the most affectionate person on the planet, you might call me a bit of an Ice Queen at times.  I didn't really grow up in an affectionate household and sometimes I find it awkward to be affectionate, or like I can't be bothered.  However, affection is super important!  It let's your SO know that you're paying attention and that you want to be close. ^.^  Fact: my favorite are kisses on my forehead/head.  It's especially endearing to me for some reason, and I really love it when hubster does it in passing while I'm busy typing away on the computer or drawing.  I also find it super endearing and affectionate when he (or close friends or family even) fuss with my hair/pat me on the head playfully.  Like this!

or hugs!

Fun fact #8 - Humor.

  Fact: we laugh.  We laugh a lot.  And we laugh at really stupid stuff sometimes.  Sometimes we laugh at each other, especially in those moments where one of us gets our tongue tied and we say words weird, or we think we heard the other person say something weird.  Sometimes we laugh so hysterically we tear up.  A lot of times, when we laugh super hard, we end up like in the GIF here - rolling around holding our sides.  It's probably one of my most favorite things to do as a couple.  OH and this picture pretty much sums up our humor:

Fun fact #9 - We are individuals.

  Fact: we are two individual people.  We don't need to do everything together, and the same goes for topics of discussion; we do not need to agree or have the same point of view on everything either.  Heck, we'll probably not agree entirely on this little post of mine! >_O  We both think, behave and act as individuals.  He prefers to stay home and game with friends online, while I enjoy going out with my friends.  He likes LoL and Skyping with long distance Internet buds, while I do the same, but via blogging and social media. (Lookin'atchu readers! ^.~)  He loves reading comic books, I enjoy manga and reading beauty blogs and watching Youtube videos.  But hey, we love each other that's all that matters. ^.~

  So, there you have it.  Some fun little facts to counter that article that I shared earlier.  This post was for kicks and I had fun putting it together, my favorite part?  All of the GIFs! (Ya'll know how much I love them!)  I hope you enjoyed this random post.  Let me know what you thought of the original article or better yet, turn this into a tag, and create your own list!  Be sure to let me know if you decide to make your own, I would love to read it.  Until next time everyone!


  1. LOL girl your post made me laugh so much love reading it!!! SURPRISES!!!! KARAOKE BUDDIES!!!!! hit it to the point babe! <3 followed you on GFC, would love it if you could follow back!!! I'm currently hosting the World's Easiest Giveaway (literally 1-step Giveaway) on my blog so if you have time please hop on and join in! Mwah!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    Freebie Giveaway! | Ulzzang Tutorial Video

    1. Hi Mango! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! I really appreciate that, and glad that you found this post entertaining! XD Will definitely checkout your giveaway and your blog! Thanks again so much! ♥

  2. I read a quote on Tumblr a while back that was basically, "Relationships are just hardcore friendships" or something like that. Or was it "sleepovers with your best friend everyday"??? SOMETHING LIKE THAT. But more often, we always forget that couples aren't just a unit, but are two different people that need their own space too. Must be nice having a BF/spouse though, as you'll always have a karaoke duet partner ;)

    1. Vanessa! Those quotes are so true! My hubster is really like my BFF fo lyfe! lol We "get" each other's sense of humor when most would probably think us crazy. And as you mentioned, I think it's super important to not lose yourself in a relationship and staying individual is essential. And yes, we all need a karaoke partner for life! XD Thanks for reading! ♥ I appreciate it!


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