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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

[Currently Coveting] Fall Fashion

  Hi everyone!  We're closing in on the end of October already!  I love Halloween, so I'm pretty excited that it's right around the corner.  I don't really have a costume this year, so I'm most likely going to be a kitty again!  I'll be going to a friends' Halloween Party this weekend, so I'll be sure to share some photos! ^.~
  I wanted to do some posts on some of the things I have been absolutely in love with for Fall!  So I thought I'd kick that off with Fall fashion!  Fall and Winter are wonderful seasons for warm, cozy, layered clothing!  It's beginning to get mighty cold here in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm excited to break out my wool coat, boots and scarves!  I'm also looking forward to the seasonal foods and drinks!  Blankets, hot cocoa and a good book, or snuggling up with a loved one!
  I have been living on Pinterest, and my searches have all been for Fall fashion, knee socks, booties, scarves, hats, fall outfits, you name it, I've probably searched for it!  I have been wanting to expand my Fall portion of my wardrobe, because I don't have much.  I have a lot of basics good for all seasons, but I thought it'd be fun to include some seasonal go-to pieces!  Here's a few pictures of what I have been Currently Coveting and will be on the hunt for the next time I go on a shopping trip!
  I have been absolutely obsessed with the skirt or shorts with tights and/or knee socks trend!  I think it is totally adorable and flirty for Fall.  It's cute, but doesn't completely compromise warmth!

  I really like that this kind of outfit is so versatile.  You can pair a cozy, warm sweater with the skirt and knee socks, or you could pair it with a fancier blouse, or even a comfy t-shirt.  I also really love that you can get away with chunkier shoes too.  You don't always have to wear skirts with flats or heels, you can go with oxfords, or even combat boots!

  The same basic outfit structure also works with shorts!  I personally really love the tights and shorts look, you can dress it up or down!  I really love it dressed down!  It has a comfy, and relaxed feel.  Below, I feel is dressed down.  Super simple and effortless.

Below, still simple, yet a bit edgy.  I still love that it's really casual too.

Now for the fancy, I absolutely love this.  It might be work appropriate if the shorts were a bit longer, but it really depends on where you work.  My workplace is casual, so I could totally get away with something like this.

Also, I have been totally all about cardigans and sweaters paired with skinnies or leggings.  I really love the look.  I call this "lookin' smart" haha.  I would say these are work appropriate if the environment is casual as well.  Cardis are amazing because you can pair them with cute graphic tees or a plain v-neck or t-shirt.  You can also prep it up a bit more as you will see below.

If you have a chambray shirt, this is a great way to put it to use, and add extra warmth on those really cold Fall days, or during Winter.

This last one here is my favorite.  It's smart, comfy, looks cozy and totally adorable.  Totally work appropriate and you still look put together.  Also, did I mention oxfords or loafers are new items for my shoe wishlist?  I just love how they look with certain outfits!

Then there are the classics.  Skinny jeans or leggings, paired with fitted sweaters of all kinds (cable knit, woven etc), or over-sized sweaters, with heels, boots or booties!

   I have been hunting and keeping my eyes peeled for some of these pieces! Skirts, shorts, cozy sweaters, and especially booties and oxfords.  I hope my little venture into my Pinterest fashion board has been fun and you enjoyed some of the looks I'm currently coveting!

  I would love to know what you are currently coveting this Fall!  Let me know in the comments, what are you after this season?  I hope everyone's season has been going swell so far, Happy Halloween and be safe everyone!  Until next time! (^.~ )v

Saturday, October 4, 2014

[Lifestyle] Selfies, Messy Hair, Fall trends

  Hello again everyone!  Today was a really beautiful and sunny Fall afternoon.  If you know me personally, I wear makeup about two times a week and that's not even a full face.  I wear a full face like maybe once every two weeks on the weekend.  I don't go out much, and I'm too lazy to get up extra early to doll up before work!  What can I say?  I really love sleep.. haha.

  Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I'm fairly active on there, more so than here on the blog (I'm sorry! ;___;).  Anyway, I have been on a selfie kick and I've been taking a lot of pictures of this mug o' mine.  I thought I'd do a little diddy on the blog to share!  A lot of times I have to size down my photos for IG anyway so, this will allow you all to bask in the glory of my pictures with my mug extra huge on your screen. O__O 

  I'm not sure what apps most bloggers or Youtubers use but I know that VSCO Cam is a popular one, and I personally really love it and use it for most of my pictures on IG and even for the blog.  It's just a fast, easy and convenient way to add a bit o' pizazz to my pictures.  

  I also wanted to share my FOTD/Fall Everyday Makeup look that I have been obsessed with lately.  It's simply just a bit of concealer under the eyes, and on some blemishes blended out, brown winged liner, mascara, and cherry lip stain.  I tried to do my hair this morning with my curling wand, but I haven't quite got the hang of doing it with shorter length hair, so my hair is messy and I was mad at first, but it works.. because it is sessy... sessy messy... messy sessy™!  It could be a thing right? lol Anyway, hope you enjoy this quick post and my shameless camera whoring and edited selfies.  Please excuse the silly fail attempts at being artistic.

This one is my favorite, because of how the filter made all the red in the photo pop!  I'm really loving red a lot this Fall.  Bright pops of red is probably not even a trend right now.. But I don't even care I'm rocking it. :3

  For Fall, I've really been loving the warmer section of my closet lately.  I've pulled out all my cardigans, sweaters and flannels, as well as my boots and cozy scarves and socks!  I really love red (because, ya know it's the color of blood. lol! :3  ), and so I've managed to work some brighter tones of red into the wardrobe which I hope to feature soon.  I also want to incorporate more dresses and skirts into my wardrobe in general, but mostly for Fall because I've been seeing some really cute outfits with the mentioned pieces put together beautifully all over Pinterest!  I've also REALLY been obsessed with the Fall Vampy trend too.  I'm on a hunt for the perfect vampy lip color!  I think that bloody red/burgundy shade is gorgeous, and I've also been really loving that gorgeous deep plum/purple trend too!

Let me know in the comments, what's your current favorite Fall trend?  Anything I should check out? 
Thanks a lot for reading and I hope to see you again real soon! (^.~ )v

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