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Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Current Obsession]: Taylor Swift ♥

  Hi everyone!  Sorry, I've been MIA again for a while!  Just ended one class, and moved right into another, and the workload is much heavier in this class.  So I apologize for my sporadic hiatuses.  Fall is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest, and we're well on our way to Winter.  I'm looking forward to Summer already haha!  I miss my sunshine and warm days, although, the Pacific Northwest here for the last two or three weeks has had just beautiful Fall weather, chilly air, bright and sunny skies.  It's perfect and just how I love Fall.  Though, we're supposed to get rain, rain, rain these next few days!  That's ok, it's cold, but I've always loved rain.

  Today's post is a bit different, it's not beauty related, but it is art related (at least in my opinion).  So, I'm not one for mainstream music too often.  Not to sound like a music snob or anything like that, but I have really particular tastes in music, and I don't usually listen to the radio or anything like that.  Most of the stuff I listen to, I have discovered on YouTube.  Though recently, Taylor Swift came out with her second single off of her newest album 1989, Blank Space, and I have to admit, IT IS SO... SO CATCHY!!!  I loved the song so much, I sampled the rest of the album and decided to go out and buy it!  I'm obsessed with the entire album, I haven't really "fell in love" with an artist like that in a long time, and I am surprised it's Taylor.  It's really hard to choose just one song to call my "favorite" because I actually really love each song on the album, but as of right now, I've been really feeling "Wildest Dreams", and "Clean".

  I have to say this is one of the best pop albums I've decided to purchase in a long time, and I'm so glad I did.  Taylor Swift has really matured in her music, and has grown a lot in my personal opinion, not that she wasn't great before, but I just really love the note she included with her album; she sort of explained the purpose of a few of the songs, and it was just really lovely and heartfelt.  She also included some really cute polaroids of her and some of the band mates etc, along with the album, and the lyrics are included for every song as well (I always love that!).

  She's usually  not my "cup of music tea", but I'm seriously loving you right now Taylor Swift.  I bought the album last Thursday, and I've been listening to it nonstop since.  I think I'm officially a "Swifty". ^.~

Have you guys listened to any of the songs on her new album?  If you have the album, what's your favorite song?  Or tell me what you've been obsessed with lately!  Music, foods, clothes, anything, I wanna know!  Let me know in the comments! 
Until next time everyone, I'll be back real soon! (^.~ )v
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