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Saturday, March 7, 2015

[Trending] Nudes: Too Faced La Creme Lipstick - Nude Beach

  Hello everyone!  Happy March!  I can't believe it's already March!!!  It's crazy how fast time has flown by!  It's Spring time soon, and then before we know it, Summer time baby!  I love Summer, and I just cannot wait!  

  I broke out my old point-and-shoot camera today and it felt good to not just use the camera on my phone!  Today I wanted to share a few things about Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Nude Beach; I have all kinds of fun colored lipsticks; basic pinks, feisty reds, light berries, and fun oranges, but I did not have a nude shade as part of my tiny collection and thought, why not go on a mission to search for one that suited my skin tone.  So for my birthday, I decided to pick up a couple Too Faced things.  I chose this lipstick and also a Melted lipstick in Melted Strawberry; obviously because I love red, and I can't have too many red shades in my lippie collection hurr hurr. ^.~  I'll share more about the Melted Strawberry in another post, right now, I want to talk about how popular "nude" has been lately.  I've seen it all over Pinterest and Instagram.  Nude or barely their overall makeup, nude eye makeup looks, and the ever so coveted nude lip.  I was never a huge fan of the nude lip trend before because it always seemed a bit "unhealthy" or "washed out" looking on some, myself included.  I could never find the right shade, and I felt like my skin tone was just not meant to work with nude lip colors!  Fortunately, all I had to do was find the right shade/tone for me.  I decided to give the La Creme lipstick a go!

  Too Faced carries several other "nude" shades in the La Creme lipstick line, but I had done most of my research on Nude Beach and decided it would work with my skin tone over the other ones.  I am so dumb, I did not take a picture of a swatch or with it on my lips (they're obscenely dry and flaky at the moment, and it would not have been pretty or flattering.  I'll be sure to do a FOTD featuring the shade soon!).

  Nude beach is a little difficult for me to describe in terms of color.  It looks really great and accurately "nude" on a lot of lighter skinned people, and I've also seen it look more on a neutral/nude pink side on others.  On me, I'd say it is a nude with a more mauve undertone.  I really liked that it was a darker nude that leaned more on a pink or mauve side, because if I had gone with something more pale or cool toned, I'm sure it would have washed me out.  Nude Beach is definitely a warm toned nude.

  The formula and texture of this lipstick is divine.  I reaaaaaaallly love it!  It's so lush?  I  mean, my goodness, it really is a dream to put on.  It's soft, creamy, hydrating, and the scent reminds me of lemon-y treats... waffers even?  I have no idea, but the scent is delicious.  The La Creme lipstick line (at least Nude Beach) is a dream to apply; super smooth and glides like a dream, lovely finish, and is fairly long lasting.  The finish is not matte by any means.  It has a nice slip to it, and has a moisturized finish; it's not high shine, but imparts a nice "hydrated glow".  I really like this on, and plan on collecting more shades from this line.

  The packaging; it is quite luxurious!  I don't think I really have anything that looks remotely as fancy as these lipsticks!

  I mean come'on!  Look at that!!!  Who wouldn't feel amaze pulling this out of their makeup bag or purse?  I felt so fancy opening up the box and ripping off that cap to swatch this baby!  The packaging is really solid!  It's sturdy, and has a really gorgeous feeling semi-matte finish; I believe it's metal?  I've no idea what the packaging is made of, but it ain't cheap, and definitely has a nice weight to it.  Also noteworthy:  Anyone else get this satisfaction?  When I close the cap on this thing, I can just tell, that there's this air-tight-seal thing going on, and it makes me feel like my lipstick will be super fresh or have that "brand new" feel to it, every time I open it.  It doesn't even click shut like some lipstick caps do, but it's got this suction type feel.  I don't know, just go to a Too Faced store or Sephora, open up a tube, and close it, you'll know what I'm talking about.  Long story short, it feels COOL.

  The La Creme lipsticks are definitely the more pricey lipsticks out of my entire collection, but I can totally see why!  Eye catching and luxurious packaging, wonderful product formulation and a nice variety of shades to choose from.  Also, who doesn't love a lipstick that hydrates and moisturizes?  Pucker up ladies and gents, the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks are a winner.  These go for about $22 a tube.  I think I'd definitely re-purchase whenever I run out, but I don't go through lipsticks too fast, so lucky me?

  I can't wait to pair this with a more dramatic or smokey eye makeup look soon, or even do a total "nude" look, but I need something a bit more dramatic on one feature or the other, otherwise my face will look super flat, washed out, and dead. (x__X )  That's not really that pretty so yeah.  

  What do you think about the nude trend?  Are you a fan?  Are there any other trends you're a fan of?  If so, let me know what those are in the comments!  Hope you enjoyed this quick share!  Thanks again for visiting and I hope to see you on my next post!  Until next time! (^.~ )v


  1. haha forget unhealthy, on me nude lipsticks makes me look just plain dead zombie like. there's only a handful of shades that looks decent on me.
    i love your excitement for this lippie haha. its the same as my reaction when i got my first too faced lipstick. its very luxurious, but it ended up going to my mom cause she liked it so much. honestly the lipstick kind of reminds me of those vintage gold tubes they use in old movies :)

    1. Yah I've tried on a few nude shades that turn me into an ashy, dead zombie, or make me look sick haha. I love the packaging, you're so right! They do look like the old vintage gold tubes you see in old movies! ^__^ Thanks Shayne for visiting <3

  2. I will, for sure, check this out! Your wonderful and thorough review has won me over. I love a warmer nude lipstick and this sounds like something I would love. The most important thing for me, besides the right shade, is that the lipstick is hydrating and moisturizing so this sounds perfect :) I'm excited to try this (and that packaging is really nice indeed)!

    1. Yay! ^__^ I'm glad you found my mini review/quick share helpful! I don't think you'll be disappointed, it's the only nude shade in my collection and I have to say, it's really nice! Definitely does not cause the "zombie" look at all! Great for those dramatic or more intense eye looks, or good for everyday ^_^ If you do pick it up, let me know how you like it! I hope it works out for you Kie! ♥

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS. I seriously love Too Faced's lipsticks! I've got 'Coral Fire', and I gifted 'Spice Spice Baby' to my mom a few years back but I sometimes borrow it (shhh). THEY ARE SO NICE! AND YES TO THE CLOSING PART. The sleek gold bullet is just so pretty and I love how creamy they are! (Kinda want more, but I'm not sure if there's any more shades from the line I want!)

    1. Oooh the Coral Fire was next on my list of must haves for Spring/Summer. It's SO purty. I saw Spice Spice Baby, and didn't think I needed another MLBB lol, that's why I went with Nude Beach instead. And I knew someone would get what I meant by the closing of the bullet, it's the coolest feeling EVAR.

  4. Honestly, it looks so luxe and feminine. I've shifted to mauves as my nude of choice instead of the usual pinkish-browns I've been using. I want to change it up. :p


    1. Changing it up is always fun! Nude lips colors are definitely new to me, I usually tend to reach for medium pinks, berries, and bright shades of red. This is definitely a very feminine color! I love it a lot so far, I may try out the other deeper nude shades TF has to offer. :D


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