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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[Lifestyle] Recently on Instagram

  Hi everyone!  It's been a very long while!  Lots has been happening since my last post and I thought I'd jump in and say a quick hello and share a few snapshots from my Instagram in it's full glory!  I mean, we all know we can sit on Instagrizzle™ for hours; and I don't know about you, but I sometimes want to see those 1:1 ratio squares in full view to ooh and ah at.  So here ya have it!  Today I wanted to share a few snapshots I took while spending the afternoon the other day at the Zoo with a friend who came to visit from out of state.  Aside from entertaining a guest for the past week, I've also been up to my ears in schoolwork and work in general.  I haven't doodled or drawn anything in a while, so I apologize, I don't have any doodley doodles to share quite yet.  To see how my trip to the zoo was yesterday, take a tumble!

  Yesterday the weather was perfectly Summer and I loved it.  It felt good to be out and about in the sun and to feel the warmth of the season finally  hit.  Summer is my favorite time of year, and it always makes me happy to be in the sun.  There's something comforting,  yet energizing.  I plan to take a trip back home to my parents' as a mini vacation from work, however I'll still be doing schoolwork, but at least I won't have to worry about work for a week or so.  Summer time always reminds me of my parents' so I like to go back from time to time.  Back to the zoo, we had a lovely day, lunch at one of my favorite little spots (forgot to snap some shots of the amazeballs bahn mi I had), and then a full, fun filled afternoon with the aminals!

The two snapshots above are from Instagram.  I love otters, and they are so much fun to watch, I just love how they swim and interact with their surroundings. They're absolutely adorable and so playful!  Loved the tigers as well, the one on the right sleeps just like I do! XD  It was a very warm day about 75 or hotter, so a lot of animals were lazy'in about.

Lady polar bear was too hot to come say hi!  I was hoping to catch her playing in the water, but she was napping just like the rest of the animals. ^_^

I find jelly fish to be some of the most intriguing and mysterious animals.  They're really interesting to watch, I feel like I get mesmerized.  I could watch them swim for a looooong time!

The gardens were the last stop at the zoo, and what beautiful flowers were on display for this Summer.  Love the colors, so bright and happy!

The next photos are just captures of the past few weeks, a trip to the lake during an afternoon with lovely friends, and a snapshot of the blue skies in the backyard, and some random selfies. ^.~

That's it for Instagrizzle™ recently.  I hope to begin blogging again regularly soon.  I've been trying out a lot of new gel eyeliner pencils and have some thoughts to share, as well as some new favorite products as well.  Thanks again for visiting and hope to see you again soon!  Until next time! (^.~ )v

Let me know in the comments if you're excited for Summer!  Do you guys have Summer plans?  I'd love to hear what everyone is up to!


  1. oh man, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to go to the zoo now haha. I'm excited for your post about eyeliner though, please do a blog post and tell me which one is good!!


  2. I'm really enjoying Summer at the moment! Your photo look great, especially of the jellyfish!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  3. Hi Hanh! Thank you, I busted out my Canon PowerShot for the trip :D The Jellyfish photos turned out great I think too.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying Summer too! Thanks for stopping by, it's greatly appreciated!

  4. Naomi! ^__^ Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you; your photos are always on point! :D It's Summer time, the best time to go to the zoo I think! Hopefully you find some zoo time amidst your exploring the amazing Japan! (So jelly! <3)

    I hope to work on that eyeliner review/post here pretty soon, so please stay tuned! I'll definitely be recommending which ones I prefer, especially in this sweltering heat; I have oily lids so I'm SUPER picky about the pencil/gel liners I use. They usually smudge err'where. ;__;

  5. Oh you've got some great shots there! I haven't visited any zoo in forever and really want to! Also the tigers, I love how the one against the wall was sitting, just like a regular cat but it just looks even more cute on a giant cat! I've been wearing lots of gel eyeliner here in singapore so that my eyeliner doesn't move! It's so hot right now and anywhere you go in the day time you sweat like crazy!

  6. Hi Sharlynn! Thanks for stopping by! ^_^

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! The zoo was a nice refresher since I hadn't been to one either in a long while. Those tigers were too cute :)

    Gel liners have been my new best friend! It's starting to get into full Summer heat here in the states, so I'm trying my best to find HGs that don't sweat or smear off :(

  7. All you photos were great shots esp the Jellyfish :) Enjoy your summer. It's freezing here in down under heeee

    Hana | Bold-Expression

  8. Hi Hana! I think my fave shots of the bunch were the jelly fish too! ^__^ I've been loving Summer so far, so warm and sunny, really brightens my spirit! Ah, yes Winter is upon Australia! Stay warm, and enjoy the snooow! ^__^ I miss snow, where I'm located in the states, we don't get much of it. :/

  9. Thank you Anna. Whereabouts are you in the states? We don't have snow in Melbourne unless if I go to the mountain region. Far away from the city life lol

    Hana | Bold-Expression

  10. I'm in Washington State! About an hour away from Seattle! There's more snow on the eastern side of the mountains, but up in the Pacific Northwest it's usually more rain. :D

  11. Ahhh icic... Enjoy Summer season, Anna :)

    Hana | Bold-Expression

  12. you took really beautiful photos anna, esp the jellyfish ones! i hate them tho, i got stung by jellyfish many many times, and some of those were really bad hehe!

  13. Thank you Shayne! <3 I tried my best! haha. Jellyfish kind of scare me, but when they're in a glass case like that with lights and such, they're really mesmerizing. *__*

  14. Waiiiiit, where do you parents live?
    I for one, am not a fan of summer LOL. It's wayyyy too warm/hot for my liking, and ever since I started developing my jacket collection, summer isn't exactly the season to show them off. I'M JUST GONNA HAVE TO MOVE TO A COLDER PLACE U.U

  15. LOLOL you so funnay! I like all seasons, but Summer is my fave!

    My parents live about 3 hours away in a city on the other side of the mountains basically. I don't visit super often, so in the Summer I try to go home for a bit. I haven't been home for a couple months. :3 (Sorry, I re-read what I wrote, and I guess I made it sound as though they were super far away like in a different country or something - nah we're in the same state, just few hours apart lolz).

    And yes I wub that tiger. It knows how I do. XD


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