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About Me

Hello!  My name is Anna and welcome to my little blog and creative outlet if you will.  I am a full-time wife and student!  Pandas are my absolute favorite animal and I love all beauty related things!  Makeup has become sort of a hobby for me and I really love trying out and experimenting with new products and looks! (^.~ )v

I began my attempt at beauty blogging after being inspired by some really amazing beauty bloggers.  If you are like me, I'm very indecisive and have forever battled with making decisions on what to spend my money on (no really, it's super hard work!)  Especially with various silly things to take into consideration (at least for me personally) such as budget, acne prone and sensitive skin, and product availability (it really stinks when you want something and you can't find it anywhere!)  I researched products high and low before dropping the moolah and thus beauty blogs became a major indispensable resource for me.  I was able to find some really amazing products and amazing deals because of beauty blogs and those wonderful people who shared their experiences and opinions.  Their blogs have helped me become a more well-informed consumer and allowed me to shop with more confidence.  Because of this, I felt inspired to do the same for others and hope that the contents of this blog will have helped you in some way.

The beauty low-down:
  • Ethnicity: 100% Laotian
  • Age: 26
  • MAC shade: I am an NC25 to NC30
  • Skin type: I have acne prone, sensitive combination skin in the warmer seasons and extremely sensitive and dry skin in the colder seasons.
  • I love Asian cosmetics and I am a BB cream fanatic!

My personal low-down:
  • I have an extreme love of K and J-pop and I have a bit of an anime obsession.
  • I have a soft spot for movies, music, FOOD, manga and video games. (Though I have been on a long hiatus from playing anything, some of my favorites include Shadow Hearts, the Final Fantasy series, Metal Gear Solid, Okami and so much more!)
  • I like to think that I'm creative and enjoy drawing.  You can find me on DeviantArt.  (I have been sadly inactive for an extended period of time due to school and work.  Boo!  Being an adult is totally overrated.  That being said, I'm hoping to become creatively active again!)
I have blogged on and off for a very long time (no particular niche or subject, I was young and a typical teenager filled with angst and thought I was being edgy and "expressing" myself through silly "poetry".  I also thought I knew everything there was to know about relationships at 15.  Really, I ran a public journal of sorts.  I was silly, very silly.)  I first started blogging on Xanga back in the early 2000s and my very first beauty inspiration was Michelle Phan, she really got me intrigued with makeup and so from then on I became fascinated with the beauty world.  My transition from major tomboy to total makeup junkie was a fun and interesting ride; ask me 10 years ago to wear a dress and lip gloss and I would have totally told you to take a hike!

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  Again, I have high hopes that this blog and its contents will be informative and help you in some way.  Here's to learning and discovering new things together.  ♥
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